Kilt or skirt

Closing remarks

Thank you for having visited

Hopefully, you did find something to inspire you. Even if you have just looked at a few pages, you’ll know that this site is about casual-first kilt wearing.
Hopefully, it has brought you closer to kilt wearing or to wear your kilt more frequently if you already have one.

Casual-first means new opportunities for wearing of kilts; it means a more laid-back approach to rules, but it does not mean that you shall or will sacrifice your manliness in any way. This is not a question of some accessory or not.

Not just kilts
What is said about wearing kilts does not exclude other skirted garments, however. Only, a skirt is less comprehensible to your surroundings, at least till more men dare wear them. But should you, at all times or occasionally, prefer wearing a skirt, go wear it. And if your overall approach is manly (enough), you already are or might become a great ambassador for men wanting variety, comfort, and anatomy-fitting clothes.

For the sake of good order, let me repeat:

Whatever you wear, stand up to it. It has been your decision, your choice. Never try to excuse that you are wearing it. Never look guilty or like had you a bad conscience. It is not a crime. Show to the world that you are man enough to pull that 'skirt', whether a traditional tartan kilt, a solid-coloured kilt, a utility kilt, a skirt designed for men, a unisex skirt or one simply looking manly enough to also be worn by men. Wear it with confidence. Like a man. As a man.

Looking forward to seeing you around in that kilt or manly skirt. The Braveheart way!


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