Manly (enough) skirts

Nothing compares, to my mind, to the traditional kilt, But if you want a skirt, but cannot find a man skirt or have one made for you, you might bite the bullet and go to a woman's store. Some skirts are coming close to a man skirt.

The biggest difference is that the man skirt is made for men, all other skirts for women. Like already mentioned, by far most skirts should not even be considered by men, putting emphasize on a manly appearance. But a few might do the job. They should have been unisex skirts if enough men would dare wearing them. They should then come in bigger sizes and should be found in men's sections among jeans and business suites. And should, in fact, look better on men than many of the newest utility kilts with their "manly" metal buttons, "manly" chains, and enormous "manly" cargo pockets.

The skirts

Denim skirts in various colours, A-line for maximum comfort, some of them with belt loops and pockets. Some are tartan skirts. Other mini-kilts. Around twenty different skirts, having one thing in common, they are all intended to be worn by women.
But when is a skirt no longer looking manly (enough)? That's the question. And the answer is very much depending on the surrounding society, and the aura of the wearer.

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4 pages. A mix of kilts and skirts.

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Vendors of traditional kilts, from cheap, typically imported Pakistani kilts, whether off-the-peg or custom-made, to more expensive kilts, sewn to-your-measures in Europe or in America.
Vendors of accessories.
Tartan-mills and tartan-finders.


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Vendors of non-traditional kilts, utility kilts, sarongs, man skirts, unisex-skirts, "manly" skirts, and some shorts.


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Kilt and skirt forums, non-commercial home pages, blogs, picture galleries, videos, articles in print media and on the internet, men in kilts and skirts on stage and on the cat walk.

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