Kilt or skirt

Closing remarks

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Hopefully you have found one or another thing to inspire you. Even if you have just looked at a few pages, you’ll know that this site is about casual-first kilt wearing.
Hopefully it has brought you closer to kilt wearing or a higher frequency if you already are a kilt wearer.

Casual-first means new opportunities for wearing of kilts; it means a more laid-back approach to rules, but it does not mean that you should sacrifice your manliness in any way.
That, by the way, applies to whatever appropriate skirted garment you might chose to wear other than a kilt.

Is it possible? Yes, just like women never let go of their femininity when they, only 60 years ago, broke men’s absolute monopoly on trousers, you can and should at all times maintain a manly approach. Only by doing so you can be a good ambassador for men wanting variety, comfort, and anatomy-fitting clothes, being they traditional tartan kilts, solid coloured kilts, utility kilts, skirts designed for men or skirts looking manly enough to also be worn by men.