Skirt, Elliott tartan

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Elliott tartan skirt

The tartan

Elliott is a clan tartan, Elliott being a Scottish border clan.

The skirt

A skirt tailored by German kiltmaker, Syriel, who, however will now only sell imported kilts.
In all respects but one it is a traditional 4 yard kilt design. The diffrence is that it has no pleats on the back. It is flat. The pleats have all been arranged at the sides. Per definition it is not a kilt, and therefore a skirt; at least until recognized as a neo-traditional kilt or the like. Most people, not in a Scottish context, shall probably consider it a kilt, however. And if not, it is just that kind of skirt which any man can wear, isn't it?.

Compared to a kilt it is more comfortable when you have to get in and out of cars etc.