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Elliott tartan skirt

The tartan

Elliott is a clan tartan, Elliott being a Scottish border clan.

The skirt

The skirt shown on this page is basically a traditional 4-yard kilt design, only instead of pleats at the back it has several, very deep pleats at the sides. Per definition it is not a kilt therefore, and accordingly it is a skirt; at least until recognized as a neo-traditional kilt or the like. And exactly the wish to create a neo-traditional kilt, suited for today’s men getting in and out of cars, flying, and working with a computer was the reason for designing it without pleats at the back, yet maintaining the special ‘feel’ of kilt.
Most people, out of a Scottish context, shall probably consider this skirt a kilt. And if not, then just the kind of skirt which any man can wear.
It has been tailored by a talented German kiltmaker, Syriel, who is however, at the beginning of 2022, about to retire and close her business.