The Braveheart Way 1

In an ideal world, men should, like women, at anytime and anywhere be able to wear any type of garment they wanted to and as the most natural thing. But can women? In fact, I sometimes hear women say, that they should like to wear skirts more often than they do. But they feel somehow strange and out of place, when doing it. Because skirts are no longer what women will wear.
If so, women have started limiting themselves, as have men since the French Revolution, after which men should wear long trousers, pantaloons, in dull colours, the least common multiple, in opposition to the colourful and extravagant clothing of the hatred and thus beheaded noblemen.
If so, it is really time to fight group pressure, even if only sitting in one’s own head, and welcome individual freedom in clothing, being it types or colours or both, isn’t it?

That said, except for Communist China where Mao decreted identical clothing for all, there has at all times been different styles for men and women. Even when it came to skirted garments. That's why the Braveheart way, kilts and manly skirts, make sense. Even if the manly skirts are thought to be worn by women.

That is why it on this, and the following three pages is all mixed.