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Many, really many people, being not used to seeing kilts around, will say that a MAN in a skirt is a man in a KILT. Especially if it is a tartan skirt. And/or the appearance of the wearer is definitely manly.
And some, not familiar with kilts, will say that a man in a KILT is a MAN in a skirt, but they are a minority.
Contrary to all other skirted garments, when wearing a traditional kilt, your manliness is never an issue. And not quite without reason. Because, as they say,

'A man in a kilt is a man and a half'

Sir Colin Campbell (1792-1863)
Brigadier-General, The Queen's 93rd "Sutherland" Highlanders


Therefore, I should suggest the kilt as only or first-priority alternative to trousers.
Should you, nevertheless, prefer an ordinary skirt, just choose it with care and go wear it. Or you may alternate between kilts and skirts. You can.
I think, I for my part will wear traditional kilts about 95% of the time, leaving 5% to all other skirted garments. And so it has been for over 20 years.

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