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This kilt in Black Watch tartan is a 5 yard Value Kilt from Tartanista. It is cheap, really cheap. If your waist size is that of a teen-age boy, 30", it can be yours for £16.95. If you are a man with a little more substance it is £22.95 from 34" to 42", And from 50" to 54" you only have to add £2. Add to that that with three tartans you have a choice of thre different lengths, 22", 24" and 26".

And what do you get? That was what I wanted to find out, when I ordered this kilt. Well, pleats are NOT sewn down. That I could already tell from the pictures on Tartanista's website, so that was what I expected. But it is lined and the thread which keeps it in place, cleverly also keeps the pleats together and thereby gives you the feeling of a fell.

The fabric is "10 oz. 100" acrylic" and the kilt has three buckles and straps of reasonable quality. 100% acrylic fabrics tend to peel, and this kilt is no exception. I should suggest, therefore, that you at all times wear it without a sporran, meaning as a strict and very casual garment. Value for money? Absolutely.

I have dealt with Tartanista several times. Freight is cheap and delivery fast.

I went for the short version, which I can wear either at shortest correct lenght (one inch above knee) or shorter. Being the unpretentious and most comfortable-to-wear kilt it is, and with no kilt police around I'll often wear it (too) short and with a minimum of accessories.