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Buy a moderate priced kilt


Some established Scottish and American kiltmakers know that affordable kilts are the condition for having men start wearing kilts, especially those having no Scottish roots. What 'affordable' then means is another question, of course. I think up to £300 for a good kilt, but certainly prefer to pay less, or have the possibility. They will sometimes position them casual kilts, probably for not cannibalizing their more expensive ranges of kilts. The fabric often is high quality PV, but within this price category you can have 5-yard wool kilts too, which you can also wear to La Scala or The Met.

Kilts in this category are way more expensive than their Pakistani competitors. But are they better? They are. Are they worth the price difference? I'd say YES, even if I think 'established' kiltmakers and vendors should take care not to make the price gap bigger. Until recently (April 2022) you could have a Scottish made 5-yard kilt for about £135 (Clan). Now the cheapest one seems to be a 2-yard kilt, costing £35 more and it is ready-made (Highland Store)

As a metaphor I could use the car market. The mid-price kilts made in Scotland or USA are Mercedes-Benz C Class; their more expensive siblings being E or S Class. The Pakistani kilts are just cars, which can be fine cars, but Mercedes-Benz they are not. However, if Mercedes-Benz one day by comparison should have become too expensive, quite a few, otherwise loyal or potential Mercedes-Benz customers, might start looking for a Volkswagen - and find it above all expectation.


Most of my kilts are within this category and from Heritage of Scotland.
Heritage of Scotland used to make custom 5-yard wool kilts, sewn in Scotland, and sold under the John Morrison brand. They really gave value for money. For years they were to order from £151, and rather often with a 15% discount. Some tartans would add to the price, very many not, and you always had the choice of tartan weight and mill. They could be wool from Marton Mills, Strathmore, Lochcarron, House of Edgar, or fine PV from Marton Mills. In 2014 I bought my last kilt from them.
After that they increased their so called 'from' prices to £180 and after some time again to £200 or more, and now hardly a tartan was to have without paying extra. Around 2018, perhaps earlier, they were, no wonder, out of custom kilt business.
A good example of how to price yourself out of a market, at least seen from outside. But I really miss their John Morrison kilts.

Having no personal experience, really, my recommendations, regarding Scottish kilt vendors, therefore, is based upon what I have heard and read from other kilt wearers.

Only a handful of Scottsh kilt vendors are offering kilts costing £300 or less. These are:

CLAN by Scotweb
£174 is the price for their Essential Scotweb Casual kilt including 20% British VAT. It is a five-yard kilt, which for casual wear is better than 8-yard kilts – to my opinion. You can have it any waist size and length you want. And the British made PV-fabric is of high quality. It comes in no less than 70 tartans. No doubt, this is a very good kilt, and probably still the one I should go for as my first kilt, if not the USA Kilts Casual, mentioned later.
According to CLAN it is “ideal for more casual occasions or for sporting events”.
At a higher price, £231, you can also have a Clan Scotweb Casual kilt in pure new wool, thereby extending the usage area, direction formal wear.
Just below £300 they offer a 7-yard traditional kilt.
With CLAN free freight, also to Europe, is a possibility and worth taking into consideration when comparing prices.

Donaldsons of Scotland
has a Men's casual kilt.

Highland Store
has a 5-yard kilt below £300, and a 2-yard ready-made kilt in pure new wool. It is to have in two tartans and solid black. They have a store in London where you can try them on and buy them, 66 Great Russell Street, WC1B 3BN, open seven days a week.
Two yards are not much for a kilt, but I have tried one on, and it looked good. I regret that I didn't buy it. By then, in 2011, the price was less than half of what it is today.

House of Tartans
you can have a 4-yard washable 4x4 Sportskilt in PV with slide pockets. 4x4 refers to its ruggedness. Looks quite interesting.
Should you prefer wool over PV, a 4-yard Casual kilt is to have. It is just slightly more expensive, but then without pockets. Certainly a difficult choice. That the kilts are only 4-yarders it to my opinion not a problem for a casual kilt.
No doubt, House of Tartans should benefit from a modern designed website with better product presentations.

5-yard kilts from £200 after price-offs.

The Scotland Kilt Company
has a very well-designed homepage. Besides their imported cheap kilts, which they call casual, they also offer traditional kilts made in Scotland.
Their 5-yard traditional kilts are to have in several qualities, starting at £220.
Customer satisfactory is very high, according to Trustpilot and free freight is a possibility.


High shipment costs and custom duties make American vendors non-competitive for European kilt buyers, with a few exceptions.

USA Kilts
USA Kilts is a family company, owned and driven by Rocky and his wife together with dedicated employees.

Their USA Kilts Casual is a 4-yard kilt, made to your measures. The price is $119 for adults.
Europeans must pay customs duty etc. on top. The fabric 0is British made fine PV and the sewing quality is excellent. Delivered at your doorstep it shall, depending on the exact shipment cost, be almost the same as the equivalent 5-yard CLAN Essential Scotweb Casual Kilt, described above, or just a little bit more expensive.

It is a very rugged kilt and washable, which is a fine thing. Being closed by means of Velcro instead of straps and buckles it has no metal parts, making it the perfect choice when you must pass through airport security. I have been wearing my USA Kilts Casual onboard several airplanes.

CLAN Essential Scotweb Casual or USA kilts Casual?
It is a very close run. On the paper the Clan kilt might give you more value for money, and you can have it in six weeks, whereas USA Kilts need 13 weeks to make you a kilt. At airports the American wins. Should the fabric be the same on the two kilts, which might be the case, I suppose leather straps on the Clan kilt shall make it less washable than the Velcro closed USA Kilt?

If you are living in the USA and have no customs duty, high shipment cost, VAT, and custom clearance fee to pay on top, don't look any further. This no-nonsense USA Kilts Casual is THE kilt to go for. Buy one, two, three, five of them. Not because you wear them out, but for sheer variety.


USA Kilts Casual

USA Kilts Casual, American Heritage tartan. Costa del Sol, Spain.

By the way, USA Kilts really do something to promote kilt wearing. Just one example are YouTube videos, where the owner, Rocky, gives good advice, wearing a kilt himself. It should be a natural thing; it not always is.

Sport Kilt - a kilt of its own

American Sport Kilt makes lightweight kilts for men, women, and children.

The Sport Kilt Original is only 8 oz. And the fabric looks and feels like cotton.
The price is $79.50 for the basic kilt in size Large. But then you can add a lot of features, like sewn down pleats (you should). Everything you will add to the basic product shall cost you. The sewn-down-pleats make the price go up to $93.50. The standard length is 22.5” but you can have it shorter or longer.

I have a Sport Kilt. Mine is with sewn down pleats, invisible deep slide pockets (which should certainly be standard with all kilts in 2022 and they shall cost you $24 extra), fringes, and belt loops. The thin fabric makes it a dream to wear under Southern European sun. If you can live without fringes and belt loops, you are at $117.50. This is as much as the USA Kilts Casual, which has no pockets, but belt loops and is much more of a kilt.

Sport Kilt

Ultra lightweight Sport Kilt. It comes as standard in a lot of different tartans. When ordering you can upgrade it to have sewn-down pleats, belt loops, and slide pockets, fringes, and straps and buckles. Loch Ness tartan, Split, Croatia.

Like the USA Kilts Casual the Sport Kilt is closed by Velcro. But you can have straps and buckles should you want to. 70 tartans are to choose.

For informal occasions where you might otherwise feel comfortable in shorts, the Sport Kilt Original is great – provided you don’t expect it to be a traditional kilt. It is not. It’s an unpretentious kilted garment of its own and for the mentioned purposes I can highly recommend it, even if freight and taxes shall more than double the price when sent to Europe.

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Buy a premium priced kilt - over £300

You'll hardly get an 8-yard kilt in pure new wool for under £300 or the equivalent. It shall be much easier to find one costing twice or three times as much. Not all premium priced kilts are sewn in Scotland. Examples are USA, Canada, England, France, and Austria.

What to find on the Dress2Kilt site?

Kilt, Caledonia Tartan

How about a kilt?

Have you ever been thinking of wearing a kilt? You must not be Scottish. You can be of any nationality, any colour, and any belief. Only you must be man enough. The objective of the Dress2Kilt site is making you wear a kilt whenever YOU feel like it and appropriate. Without needing a special event. It is about causal-first kilt wearing.
Verschiedene Kilts

Men in kilts - Q & A

Who will wear a kilt? Why wearing a kilt? Where and when to wear it? What’s the difference between being Scottish and not, related to kilt wearing? What about surroundings? Is it true? These and many more questions are answered here.
Kilt, Holyrood Tartan

Webmaster's kilt story

How come that the webmaster started wearing kilts? When was it? How was it, wearing a kilt for the first time? How were reactions from his wife, his family, neighbours, and other people?

You in a kilt?

When seeing you in a kilt, what should people say? And especially your significant other? And the ‘Kilt Police’? Shall people think you are Scottish? How about prejudices? Should you tell people you know that you have started wearing kilts or are about to do it? How do you tell them? What should your reasons be? See answers to these and many other questions here?

Is the kilt a skirt?

Scotsmen will say NO. To them and very many kilt wearers the kilt is a kilt, not a skirt. It is a garment of its very own, they say, and exclusively for men.
Calling the kilt a skirt is accordingly considered an almost unforgivable insult. But is it nevertheless a skirt?

What makes a kilt?

Are 8 yards of fabric a must? Or will less do? How is a kilt constructed? Learn about straps and buckles, fell, rise, pleats, length, drop.

Buy a kilt and accessorize it


Must a kilt be expensive?

Yes, purists will say, because no less than a 16 oz. 8-yard wool kilt, sewn by hand by a skilled kilt maker in Scotland or equivalent place will do. But are they right? Read why they are probably not.
Pakistani kilt

A cheap kilt

Probably most kilts today are no longer sewn in Scotland, but in Pakistan. In common these "imported" kilts have that they are affordable. Some shall give you real value for your money, others little - or worse - no value. Read about where to find good, nevertheless cheap kilts.
USA Lilts Casual

A moderate priced kilt

Some established Scottish and American kiltmakers know that affordable kilts are the condition for having men start wearing kilts, especially those having no Scottish roots. They therefore offer some very good kilts which they will position as casual kilts, probably for not hurting the rest of their business. For casual wear they might be all you need.

A premium priced kilt

You'll hardly get an 8-yard kilt in pure new wool for under £300 or the equivalent. It shall be much easier to find one costing twice or three times as much. Not all premium priced kilts are sewn in Scotland. Examples are USA, Canada, England, France, and Austria.

Get the measures right

Buying your first kilt is something quite unusual. Most likely you shall buy it online, and often it shall be made to your measures. Buying a kilt is not difficult, however, and with a kilt there is some give and take. Read on, and you'll know how to make it right.
Kilt accessories

Kilt accessories

Don't get ripped off on things you don't need. Find out, which accessories are must-haves, which are nice to have, and which you shouldn't consider at all for casual and smart casual wear, and some not even for dress-up events.

Wear your kilt


Kilt on!

Let’s assume you have just received and unpacked your first kilt, and the accessories you ordered. How to handle and wear all the unfamiliar things, the sporran, the belt, the socks, the flashes etc.?
What else to wear with your kilt?

To mind when in a kilt

Now being ready for taking your kilt out into public for the first time, is there anything you should mind? Something to worry about or calling for your attention? After all a kilt is something very different, just the way it looks and especially, how it feels, wearing it.

24/7/365 in a kilt

Let's be realistic, you cannot and probably you should not wear a kilt every day year riund. But having chosen to consider your kilt casual-first wear there are so many possibilities year round. Read on and get inspired.

Kilt variants, skirts, and closing remarks

Utility kilt

Utility kilts

Utilty kilts have existed since 2000. Judged from the number of vendors who are offering them, the market for these kilts must be big.They come in very many different designs, some better than others.
kilt variants

Other kilt variants

Kilts can also be solid coloured, or come in a camouflage pattern. They can be made of tweed, denim, or leather. They can be traditional in style, or their design can deviate to the extent where they become utility kilts - or skirts.


Could you as a man wear a skirt? Well, the existence of utility kilts with their non-defined designs is part of the answer. You can. Read about which to go for, if a skirt.

Closing remarks

Hopefully, visiing this site has contributed to bring you an important step further. Now show to the world that you are man enough to pull that kilt or skirt, whatever it is.



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