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The Braveheart way

In an ideal world, men should, like women, at anytime and anywhere be able to wear any type of garment they wanted to; and as the most natural thing.
But can women wear what they want? In fact, I sometimes hear women say, that they should like to wear skirts more often than they do. But they feel somehow strange and out of place, when doing it. Because skirts are no longer women's first choice.
If so, women have started limiting themselves, as have men since the French Revolution, after which men must wear long trousers, pantaloons, in dull colours, meaning the least common multiple, and in opposition to the colourful and extravagant clothing of the hatred and thus beheaded French noblemen.

If so, it is really time to fight group pressure, even if it is only sitting in one’s own head, isn't it?
And to welcome individual freedom in clothing, being it types or colours or both, and for men to include appropriate skirts.

That's why the Braveheart way, kilts of all kinds, man skirts and manly skirts, makes sense.

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The Braveheart Way

4 pages. A mix of kilts and skirts.

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Links #1

Vendors of traditional kilts, from cheap, typically imported Pakistani kilts, whether off-the-peg or custom-made, to more expensive kilts, sewn to-your-measures in Europe or in America.
Vendors of accessories.
Tartan-mills and tartan-finders.


Links #2

Vendors of non-traditional kilts, utility kilts, sarongs, man skirts, unisex-skirts, "manly" skirts, and some shorts.


Links #3

Kilt and skirt forums, non-commercial home pages, blogs, picture galleries, videos, articles in print media and on the internet, men in kilts and skirts on stage and on the cat walk.

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