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The Braveheart Way

The Braveheart Way is about MEN being brave enough to include skirted garments in their wardrobe, whether traditional kilts, utility kilts, sarongs, lava-lavas, skirts made for men, or even, if loooking manly enough, skirts for women. And to dare wear them out in public.

The Braveheart concept was created at the beginning of this century by an American lawyer and kilt enthusiast, known as WDP. He realized that 'defeating trouser tyranny' would need more than just men in traditional kilts.

Click the links below and take a closer look at the slide shows. Two pages with a mix of traditional kilts, utility kilts, man skirts, and just skirts, worn in a manly way. To show you that a traditional kilt might, after all not be the only solution, at least not for every man wanting alternatives to trousers. And that one type of skirt or kilt does not exclude wearing of others.

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Links #1

Vendors of traditional kilts, from cheap, typically imported Pakistani kilts, whether off-the-peg or custom-made, to more expensive kilts, sewn to-your-measures in Europe or in America.
Vendors of accessories.
Tartan-mills and tartan-finders.


Links #2

Vendors of non-traditional kilts, utility kilts, sarongs, man skirts, unisex-skirts, "manly" skirts, and some shorts.


Links #3

Kilt and skirt forums, non-commercial home pages, blogs, picture galleries, videos, articles in print media and on the internet, men in kilts and skirts on stage and on the cat walk.

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