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Probably the most compresehensive links page on the internet regarding kilts and kilt wearing 


This links page deals with kilts of all kinds, as well as of other skirted garments. The reason is that some kilt wearers will from time to time alternate between kilts and some appropriate skirt. Also many forums are about men-in-kilts, as well as men-in-skirts, so it is difficult to keep kilts and skirts apart. Further it is to believe that acceptance to the full of men wearing anything else but trousers depends on a critical mass of men who in a manly way will demand alternatives to trousers, being they traditional kilts, utility kilts, man skirts or other "masculine" looking skirts - MUGs (Manly Unbifurcated Garments), at the beginning of this century defined by a Californian lawyer and kilt wearer, known as WDP/Bravehearts.

Column 1

Learn and discuss about
men in kilts and skirts

Men in kilts

Men in skirts and Kilts

Homepages and blogs
Men in kilts
Men in skirts and Kilts

Tartans and tartan finders
Tartans / Tartan finders



Pictures and videos
Kilt pictures on the Internet

Videos kilts and skirts
Performing in kilts or skirts


Kilt wearing and health

MIK / MIS related stuff
Other link pages

Column 2

Buy traditional kilts and accessories

Traditional kilts inside EU 
Traditional kilts outside EU
Sporrans, belts & buckles
Kilt hose
Under your kilt
Other kilt related items

Kilt makers on Facebook
B2B - Business to Business

Column 3

Buy other skirted garments
Webmaster's opinion

Utility kilts inside EU
Utility kilts outside EU

Men's skirts



Read webmaster's opinion on
White kilt hose

Travel by air in a kilt


Sinnful to wear a kilt?
Kilt maker: The kilt only to wear at special occasions

Men in kilts

As a matter of fact you can wear your kilt every day. Just do it.



Brotherhood of the kilt Forum

Flickr Group:  A Kilted Life
Flickr Group: Utilikilts
I Wear a Kilt - ExperienceProject

 Auf Deutsch
Highland Warriors Kilt Forum
Hauptsächlich der Kilt als Tracht

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Men in skirts and kilts

A man in a grey skirt 2000

In English

Skirt Cafe

Skirts4Men A forum for men wearing MUGS (Manly Unbifurcated Garments)

 Auf Deutsch

Trotzdem, dass fast 100 Millionen Deutsch als Muttersprache haben oder Deutsch verstehen, hat es nicht für ein dedikiertes Forum erreicht, wo sich Männer mit dem Kilt als Bekleidung für den Alltag auseinandersetzen.
   In allen deutschsprachigen Foren ist der Kilt oder Schottenrock, wie er oft bezeichnet wird, ein Beiprodukt geblieben.

(Freestyler forum)

Ein neues deutsches Forum für MÄNNER, die gerne Röcke tragen. Liegt rechts des Rockmode-Forums.

Ein neues Forum für Männer, die gerne Röcke tragen, und wo auf ein Männliches Erscheinungsbild weniger Wert gelegt wird.
Positioniert sich somit ein bisschen links des Rockmode-Forums.


Für Männer im Rock, Männerrock und Kilt positioniert. Das Forum bewegt sich aber leider Richtung Freestyler/CD kommt es vor.

. In French
Hommes en Jupe

 In Dutch
Rok voor Mannen

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Private homepages
Men in kilts

Three kilts and a kilted skirt

In English

A website on photography with some kilt photos and a little
FAQ page on kilt wearing and buying.

Every man can wear a kilt. You2.   
A link to the front page of this site.

Kilts rock - Brotherhood of the Kilt 
Matthew  Newsome, kilt wearer, kilt maker and kilt historian, on kilts

   Auf Deutsch

Addicted to Photography
Eine HP über Fotografie auf Deutsch und Englisch. Einige Kilt-Fotos und eine kleine Kilt-FAQ-Seite, doch nur auf Englisch.    

Austrians in kilts  

Austrian kilt sites indicates an above average interest in kilt wearing:

Der Kilt oder wie trägt man den Schottenrock richtig?

Gordon Highlanders of Austria
Highland Warrior

The First Carinthian Highland Club
Vienna Highlanders   

Especially the Austrian kilt maker Rettl 1868 is doing a very good job in promoting the kilt - the Austrian way:

Rettl 1868 Kilts and Fashion


Jeder Mann kann einen Kilt tragen. Sie auch.



 In French   
Kilt Society de France 

  In Danish

iKilt.dk - Hvad med en kilt?

Sku' det være en kilt?  (What about a kilt?)
Part of a Danish website with a mini guide to kilt wearing and buying.


    In Norwegian and English

Norwegians too are wearing kilts

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Private homepages
Men in skirts and kilts  

In English
Barry's Skirt for Men Pages

Guys in skirts - why not?  
409 photos showing men in skirts or skirts men can wear


 Auf Deutsch
Brzeskes HP  



Ferdi La Roche

Ferdi's Homepage
Emanzipation ist keine Einbahn-Straße

Die HP von Ferdi, ein Pionier der deutschen Bewegung für Männer im Rock und Kilt ist hier wieder verfügbar und 95% komplett. Nur einige verlinkte Artikel und Homepages feheln.
   Ferdi starb am 11. September 2008.

Die Links-Seite wurde 30.08.2013 revidiert.


Röcke für Männer - nicht unmännlich

Röcke machen Männer 

In French
HeJ - l'association des Hommes en Jupe, l a jupe au masculin  

The French Men in Skirts Organization HEJ (Hommes en Jupe) is publishing an electronic magazine, La Gazette des HEJ. It is in French but with a summary in English after each article.  

La Gazette des HEJ N° 4

In Dutch
Rok voor Mannen
Rok vor Mannen E-magazines

  In Danish
Skørtets Venner  

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Blogs etc.

These two blogs in English and German are about kilts as daily wear.    
Your comments are welcome.




A kilt is not a costume for this New Orleans man

A Glimpse of Scotland  - A blog run by Heritage of Scotland

All about kilts
Can I Wear a Kilt? (ChristiaNet)
I wear skirts - and remain a man
Kilted Journey  
Kilt Me 
Life in a kilt
Men in Kilts - Window cleaning

Men in skirts - An Austrian in skirts and kilts
Mens Wear Style - The man skirt  

Mister Matthew - Ein Rock für Männer

Modepilot - Ding-Dong, der Männerrock

Run in NJ  Maraton in a skirt 
Skirted Running Man

The Scotland Blog (Highland Store)  


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Tartans, tartan finders etc.

House of Edgar
House of Tartan

Tartans Authority  
Tartans of Scotland

The Scottish Register of Tartans

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Kilts and tartans  made easy

Page might be somewhat slow loading

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Kilt pictures
Search for kilt, kilts, utilikilt

Bing kilt photos

Boys as boys in skirts (and dresses)
A page with hundreds of photos of MEN in skirts and dresses.

Flickr Most Recent photos  ALT KILTS

Flickr  Most recent photos  KILT
Flickr  Most recent photos  UTILIKILTS

Flickr Most recent photos UTILITYKILTS

Flickr Hive Mind Kilt
Flickr Hive Mind Utilikilt

Flickr Utilikilts' Photostream
Lookbook  Manskirt

Männerrock Stammtisch

Nice skirt, bro


Some men in skirts

Utilkilts Customer Photos


In order to see pictures you must be logged in.

Kilts - The Pursuit of Happiness


Hombres en Polleras / Mini Faldas

Men in Mini Skirts

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Videos kilts and skirts

Convincing men to wear kilts instead of pants

Hey You, What's with the Skirt?
Robert Pel, owner of RKilts.com tells about kilts. Highly recommended.

Galicia's National Kilt

Kilts in the movies

Le Kilt - London Fashion Show, Kilts/kilted skirts for women.

Men in kilts - a window cleaning company, where the employees work in kilts.

Men in kilts - another video about the kilted Calgary window cleaners  

Men wear skirts for a week

Movies with men in kilts and MUGS

6 Videos - Running Skirts Knock Your Shorts Off. Men wear them too.

Running Skirts - Fun Run 2

Running Skirts Must See Video

Running Skirts - Knock Your Shorts Off Outdoor Retailer Fun Run Salt Lake City, Utah

Running Skirts - Water Stop at Runner's World Half Marathon Twerk for a Skirt

Running Skirts - Skirtencounter at 2014 Runner's World Half Marathon in Bethlehem, PA

Running Skirts - Skirtlympics at Runner's World Half Marathon and Festival Rwhalf


Schottland. Ein ARTE-Sendung auf youtube  

Tactical Duty kilts - Kilt off  
Warum tragen Männer keine Röcke?


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Performing in
kilts or skirts

Celtica Pipes Rock in Concert
A 22 minutes long video. HD Quality

Celtic Thunder - Caledonian
A band giving concert in black kilts.

Dropkick Murphys - Cadence to arms (Scotland the Brave)

Ezra Furman and the Boyfriends NEW
Ezra performs dressed in a short skirt

Ezra Furman

The bad piper ThunderStruck
From Australia's Got Talent 1010

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Kilt wearing and health

Men who wear KILTS are more fertile

Study: Wearing a kilt could make sperm stronger

Scottish Medical Journal: Real men wear kilts

Spermien lieben den Schottenrock

Wearing a kilt could make your sperm stronger

MIK / MIS related stuff

22 Photos That Prove Men Should Never, Ever Wear Kilts

33 Men rocking skirts

A view  to a kilt

An Ode To Men Who Wear Skirts

Der Kiltrevolutionär entwirft Schottenröcke in Edinburgh

Dressed to kilt

Erlaubt Männern das Kleid Artikel im Zeit-Magazin


FashionTrend: Men in skirts

Featuring Utilikilts 1
Featuring Utilikilts  2

GoFeminin.de Eigentlich ein Frauenforum, aber das Thema Mann im Rock wird oft behandelt

How do you feel about men in skirts?

I Love Men in Kilts. Elyn Hamilton on Pinterest.

Im Schottenrock auf Mission sieben Monate jeden Tag

Jaden Smith Wants More Men to Wear Skirts

Japanese Streets: Men Go For Skirts.

Kerle, tragt Röcke!
Ein positiver Artikel über Männer im Rock.

Kilts 101 - Liberation from pants

La Gazette des HEJ
Hommes en Jupe's online magazine in French (partly English).

Macho Men are Wearing Skirts Now

Men in dresses are the new normal

Men in Skirts - Lyst

Men in skirts, women in suits - fashion goes genderqueer

Men in Womenswear Is Not Just a Runway Gimmick

Männer funktionieren besser in Röcken, Frauen in Hosen

Mod the Sims (Kilts in computer games)
Netley Abbey Tartan Army

Myths and Facts of Scotland’s male skirt: The Kilt

Ni arma män, som inte får ha klänning

Outlander: The Worst Thing About Wearing A Kilt, According To Sam Heughan

Pink is for boys - Men in skirts

Pittsburgh Kilts  USA
Röcke für Männer (med1.de/Forum)
Röcke für Männer. Gibt es ein Rivival?

Selbstversuch: Drei Männer tragen eine Woch lang einen Rock - Video in English

Should Men Wear Skirts?

Should we rethink men in skirts?

Skirts for Men - Trend to Evoke Arguments
Schottenrock - luftiges für mutige Männer

Sorry Not Sorry, but Fashion Won't Be Truly Genderless Until More Men Wear Skirts

St. James Style - Kilts

The Scottish Tartans Museum

There's nothing wrong about men wearing skirts

"Utility Kilt for my husband" - a young woman makes her husband a utility kilt. Positive reactions.

Warum ein Idsteiner gerne Röcke trägt

Why don't more men wear skirts?

Why men should wear skirts
Why do Utilikilts appeal to many in the Northwest?

Why we should allow all boys to wear skirts to school

 Wikipedia - Kilts 

YES - Men in Skirts and Dresses, Vouge.

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Other link pages
Men in kilts and skirts

Links  B (Many links but has not been updated for several years, it seems)

Rok voor Mannen Startbevijs
Rokster NL
Scotsmart - Scottish Directory - Kilt links
Ultimate kilt vendor list - Brotherhood of the kilt 

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The New  Male Fashion for the Alternative Man

Dare to Wear: Men's Casmere Mini-Dress A

Henrik Vibskov Puts  Men in Skirts  

Japanse Streets - Japanese men in skirts  

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 Now  rending kilts (for women)  

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Buy traditional kilts
Inside EU

 James Morrison kilt by Heritage of Scotland. A lot of value for your money.


Brexit means that in future Scotland - at least to the Scots might decide to leave UK and chose Europe - will become a Non-EU market.

Casual kilts

When buying your first kilt
or you just want a kilt to use in situations where an expensive wool kilt would be overkill, a casual kilt might be a good choice. They typically are 5 or 8 yard kilts, made of PV or an acryllic fabric and 24" long.

Heritage of Scotland

Kilt Society

The Kilt Clan Ltd.
The Scotland Kilt Company

Union Kilts

The ready-to-wear tartan kilts from Union Kilts are only 23" long. For guys up to 180 cm - and for those just wanting a shorter kilt - 23" might be a much better choice than the 24" standard length.

An around 50 GBP casual kilt by Heritage of Scotland. Expect it to arrive within a few  days after ordering.

Kilts made to measure

Wanting a kilt in wool, which really fits you when it comes to waist and length and where you'll have a lot of tartans to choose from, go for a kilt made to measure. It doesn't have to be that expensive.

Celtic Clothing
Dalgleish Kilts
Donaldsons of Scotland
Geoffrey Tailor

Hector Russell Kiltmaker

Heritage of Scotland
Highland House of Fraser, Inverness
House of Henderson
Houston Traditional Kiltmakers
Kates Original Tweed Kilts 
Kilts 4 U

Kilt Society

Kilt Society (once Kilts4all) might have one of the best designed web pages, making it incredibly easy to order a kilt to measure or other items.

Kinloch Anderson
Lochcarron of Scotland
Marchbrae Clothing
McCalls Highlandwear

MacGregor & MacDuff


Nicolson Kiltmakers
Saltire Tartan Kilts  

Scotweb Store

Slanj Kilts
The kiltstore.com  
The Scotland Kilt Company



Le Kilt - Scottish made kilts for women


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 England & Wales

Cornish Tartans 

English Kilt Company
Highland Store  (also 2 yard wool kilts)

Paul Henry Kilts


The forest green kilt from Tartanista is no more than £24. And shipment is extremely cheap and fast.
   My advice to the vendor: Have the three straps replaced by only two - of a better quality.
    For casual unpretentious wear highly recommended, nevertheless.


Here you can read more: http://blog.dress2kilt.eu/#post26

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Carlo Jösch

Kiltworld.de  Syriel

In Germany there are a few places where you can buy a kilt off the peg:

Irish Berlin Shop/retailer
Kilts by O'Neil of Dublin
Gr. Hamburger Str. 36A, 10115 Berlin
Dienstag - Freitag 13.00 bis 19.30 Uhr
Samstag 10.00 bis 16.00

Kilts in Hamburg - Ladage-Oelke GmbH
Neuer Wall 11, 20354 Hamburg
Mo.-Fr. 10.00 – 19.00 Uhr
Sa. 10.00 – 18.00 Uhr

Kilts & More Europe - Mühlhausen bei Heidelberg
Hauptstraße 74
D-69242 Mühlhausen
Mo-Do: 10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr
Fr-Sa: 10:00 bis 14:00 Uhr

Der Schottenladen - Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Spitalgasse 5
91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Mo-Fr: 10:00 - 18:00
Sa: 10:00 - 16:00

Und vielleicht auch hier:

Scottish Things
Ludwina Helfert
Hauptstr. 5c
63457 Hanau - Großauheim
Di & Do, 14:00 - 18:00 Uhr im Laden


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Alpenkilts.com (Rettl 1868)
Rettl 1868 Kilts and Fashion

Austrian tartan kilts

Don't miss the Rettl & Friends magazines.

The link gives you access to ten beautiful magazines. They are in German only, but if you don't understand the language, just enjoy the pictures.

No company I know of does so much to promote the kilt as Rettl - High quality kilts as fashion.

World of Scotland

O'Neil of Dublin


Lady Chrystel Kilts

Galician Shop  

Scottish House  Stockholm

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Buy traditional kilts
Outside EU

Casual PV kilt  in American Heritage tartan by USA Kilts


Alexis Malcolm Kilts
Bonnie Heather Greene
J. Higgins
Kathy Lare
Linda Clifford

Matthew A.C. Newsome
Hand crafted kilts and knit wear

New  House Highland

Royal Kilt

Scottish Kiltshop

At Scottish Kiltshop you're not limited to 24" standard length on affordable kilts. Hopefully they one day shall offer tartan kilts with sewn down pleats.

Sir Robert's Highland House

Sport Kilt  Light weigth kilts

Stillwater kilts

The Celtic Croft
The Scottish Lion
The Scotland Yard

USA Kilts



Burnett's & Struth
MacIsaac Kiltmakers


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, belts&buckles


Caledonian Creations
Centaur Design UK
Lamont Sporrans  UK
Leathersporran.Co UK
Morrison Sporrans  UK
The Kilt Sporran Co. UK 
Wyvern Leatherworks  USA

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Buy kilt hose/socks

Sock Dreams  US  

W. Brewin & Co. Ltd. - WB Socks UK  Kilt hose  

W. Brewin & Co. Ltd. - WB Socks sell some very nice kilt hose at a very favourable price and in several colours. Highly to recommend. 

Kilt hose from Brevin & Co.

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Under your kilt

Should you feel tempted to go commando but are also concerned about hygienic aspects, the solution is kind of "under kilt" or half slip, which - when worn under a kilt - is called a kilt liner.  

G Lieberman & Sons   US  Kilt liners

J'dez  US  Kilt liners / under kilts  

Webmaster's opinion
Probably only above mentioned two sources for "authorized" kilt liners exist.

The main reason might be that traditionalists don't compromize and that others might either not be in a need this kind of protection - or they don't know of it?

Still interested?
Then just don't let the name skirt frighten you off: A skater skirt or circular skirt makes the perfect kilt liner or kilt protector. Due to its extreme width it beats any designate kilt liner and is to get right around the corner.

H&M sells these skirts at around 9 € / £7. You can read more about them here

 A skater skirt from H&M in jersey placed over a kilt. It makes the perfect kilt liner or -protector without being in the least restrictive.
No further description should be necessary.

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Buy other kilt related items

Highland X Press  US  Spare parts, buckles and straps

Lederhaus  D  Spare parts  / Ersatzteile

Project No Bucks  US Kilt stickers and T-shirts, among them "Real Men Wear Kilts".

Spredshirt.net    Design your own t-shirts 

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Makers / Shops 
on Facebook

21st Century Kilts

Artificer US  Sporrans
  Skirts for men
Heritage of Scotland
Hiatus  Kilts and Skirts for Men
Kilt this
Kinloch Anderson
Lady Chrystel
Paul Henry Kilts
Sport Kilt
Stillwater Kilts
USA Kilts

Sport Kilt on social media   NEW

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  Balmoral kilts  Trade supplier


Khalid Pipe Co.  
UK EXPO International
Thistle Rose Enterprises  

Having had the opportunity to try on a utility kilt from UK Expo International I must say that I'm most impressed by the sewing quality, the fabric and overall design.

UK Expo International also makes tartan kilts and kilted skirts for the ladies.

A utility kilt made by
UK Expo International

Thinking about starting an import of kilts from Pakistan?
Many suppliers to chose from.
Order sizes from 1 to 1000+ kilts:

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Buy utility kilts
Inside EU

Utility kilt is an umbrella term for modern, contemporary or non-traditional kilts.

United Kingdom

21stCentury Kilts
Expensive top quality kilts where innovation is  based upon tradition.   

According to Howie R. Nicholsby, founder and owner of 21st Century Kilts, the kilt should be an alternative to trousers and for every man to use, casual or formal:

“My aim is to give men throughout the world a realistic alternative to trousers. Pioneering the next step of its evolution, 21st Century Kilts is true to the original kilt which was everyday clothing. Casual or formal a kilt should be an option for any man from anywhere who can realize they are part of the history of an international garment."

Heritage of Scotland (Utility Kilt)

Paul Henry Kilts  

Kilts sewn to order. Made in almost any fabric.
Traditional or contemporary. Old fashioned and Modern
Paul Henry Kilts

Scotweb  Camouflage kilts
Thistle & Broom

Union Kilts

Tired of cargo pockets? The Hill Walker Kilt from Union Kilts comes with two trouser front pockets which provide a very nice design. Add to that a most attractive price.

Union Kilt Hill Walker Grey

Copyright © Unionkilts.com and published here  with their permission.

Union Kilt Hill Walker Chocolate Brown

Copyright © Unionkilts.com and published here  with their permission.


Blåklæder - hard duty kilts, to order in several countries.

Mad of Sweden  
High prices . The design looks  good.

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Buy utility kilts
Outside EU

Utilikilt Original in Sand



551Tactical Duty Kilt  


Fashion Kilt
Kilt  Collection

Kilt this
 Activity kilts  
Mountain Hardwear Men's Elkommando Kilt
Mountain Gear Men's Elkommando Kilt
Original Kilt (Buzz Kidder)
Royal Kilt
Scottish Kilt Shop
Sport Kilt
 The Commando Kilt
Stump Town Kilts

The Celtic Croft (Wilderness Kilts)

Utilikilt Original Black.. $215 + freight.
Utilikilts come in three lengths, 21.5", 23" and 25,5". I prefer the short length

EU residents have on top of that to pay duty tax and local VAT. During the last couple of years prices on Utilikilts have increased quite a lot. But many branded makes are even more expensive.

Freedom kilts 

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A skirt rather than a kilt?

 In the past men have been wearing "skirts" as normal attire and without being regarded tranvestites or cross-dressers.

If men shall ever again come to be wearing "skirts" on a large scale, they must be men enough, meaning they dare/will wear kind of skirts - strictly a manly way.

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Buy men's skirts

The SkirtCraft skirt

Ufasch (A)- Unisex skirts and sarongs.

Dare to be different - Mens Apparal CDN

Les Jupes pour Hommes 
Kilts and skirts for men  

Hiatus KILT
Copyright © Hiatus.com and publishedhere  with their permission. 

Hiatus  Cow  Boý
Copyright © Hiatus.com and published here with their permission. 

Judged from the pictures the Hiatus skirts look very good by design and sewing quality.  

Fliege-Heller (Dawanda) D
Mode-Trend-S  Sabine Seidel  D


J'dez Just Change
US  In 2017still  "2006 collection".

Running Skirts - men wear them too

Skirtcraft  NEW

Copyright © SkirtCraft.com and published here with their permission. 

American SkirtCraft has in summer 2015 launched a good looking skirt for men.

Copyright © SkirtCraft.com and published here with their permission. 

The Sarong

Outside the western world we find the sarong which has its origin in Sri Lanka and is being worn by many men. It is also known under names like kikoy (South Africa), lamba (Madagascar), longyi (India), malong (Philippines), mundo (Maldives), and pah kao mah (Thailand, the version for men).

Basically the sarong is a big piece of cloth, worn around the waist as a wrap skirt. And often it is a very cheap garment to be primarily worn on the beach.

Hoewever, a range of some very nice sarongs which - due to being more universally wearable - might better appeal to men in our part of the world, comes from the Sri Lanka based company, LOVI CEYLON.


Regular skirts, should you prefer so, you'll find right around the corner - provided manly looking ones are available, and in your size. "Boyfriend" style might be a possibility.

Looking at the links below you shall probably realize, that very, very few skirts, designed for women, are suitable for a man to wear, does he emphasize a masculine appearance. Now you are warned.

Bonprix (D)
C&A (D)
Esprit (D)
Galeria Kaufhof (D)
Heine (D)
Hess Natur (D)

H&M (D)
H&M (UK)

Karstadt (D)

Otto (D)
Peek & Cloppenburg (D)

Selfridges & Co. (UK)

Topshop (UK)

Vila (D)

Zara (D)

Zara (UK)
Zara (USA)


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Buy shorts

Men wearing kilts and skirts for comfort often also like wearing shorts.


Dirk Seipenbusch Lederhosen


A German forum dedicated to men in shorts:Kurze Hosen Forum NEU

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White kilt hose? Webmaster's opinion

Thompson Camel Tartan.
The "Burberry check".
Black leather items and white kilt hose.

White kilt hose may not be to everybody's taste. In fact they are quite disliked. Nevertheless I do wear white / off white kilt hose, even if I on most days  will wear colored hose. To me white hose look fine and they will go with practically every kilt (which might be one of the problems).
  If YOU like white kilt hose, too, wear them. If you hate them, don't.

Travel by air in a kilt
Webmaster's opinion

Kilts with their metal buckles usually don't go very well together with airport security and that may keep many a kilt wearer from wearing a kilt on an air craft.
However, you don't have to set alarms in a,kilt:

Sport Kilt
On most Sport Kilts a buckle closure is an additional feature. That means that you as a standard get a kilt without any metal parts. A delight at airport security controls. Your kilt stays up by means of Velcro.

Sport Kilt Original.
Price in Large (W 34-38") with sewn down pleats and a fringe but without a buckle: $93.50. Belt loops: +$12. Buckle +$18. Another important feature:  Pay $10 extra and you can have your Sportkilt with a custom hem length.

USA Kilts

Only $120 (for my hip size) is what you have to pay for this excellent casual kilt from USA Kilts.
  The tartan is  American Heritage. Length can be 19-26 inch. Waist up to 70 inch = 178 cm!
  No metal parts, having the same Velcro closure as the Sport Kilt makes it the perfect kilt for
air travelling. I have done it.

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Webmaster's opinion 

It is sinfull for men to wear a kilt.

Never ever

In an article in Herald Scotland 25 January 2010,
"What does the kilt mean in 2010" the co-owner of Slanj Kilts, Mr. Craig says:

“I see the kilt as a formalwear thing. I think any man wearing a kilt, traditional or modern, during the day looks a bit silly.”

A manager with the opinion that "heavy users" of his products look silly - and says it. And who obviously prefers usage limited to (a few) formal situations in stead of trying to increase total market and thereby his own business? 
Well, to me THAT is pretty much silly and therefore Slanj Kilts is certainly not a place where to spend MY money
Slanj Kilts.

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