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1. Buying online - for EU citizens
2. Utility kilts
3. Sarongs
4. Special man and unisex kilts
5. Man skirts and gender-neutral skirts

1. Buying online - EU-Citizens

No matter where you buy online, shipment must be paid for. Within the European Union, it is rather cheap. Otherwise, the longer the vendor from Europe, the higher the shipment cost.
An exception is Pakistan, from where shipment in general is cheaper than from UK or USA. But take a look on the websites. You might be positively surprised.

All countries, not being part of the European Union, are considered 3rd countries which means additional cost:


Be careful with the customs duty. On a kilt, amounting to 149 EUR, approx. 160 USD, no customs duty applies. But if it is 161 Dollars, you must pay 12% duty of kilt plus of shipment. And of this, also import duty. Therefore, just one Euro or Dollar too many can cost you around 30 Euro more in taxes.

A trade agreement between the Union and UK means that customs duty never applies, provided the goods are manufactured in UK.
If you from a British vendor buy a kilt and accessories, imported from Pakistan, and the value exceeds 150 Euros, customs duty must be paid.

Import duty replaces your country's VAT and is the same rate. When buying in UK, the vendor shall deduct the 20% British VAT, in order that you shall not pay it twice. Therefore, it is more or less neutral.

A customs declaration fee to be paid to the courier company always applies for goods, shipped from a 3rd country. It varies with the courier but may be up to 20 EUR, making the fee the dark horse in the calculation. Some courier companies might charge you less for small orders.

Pakistani kilt manufacturers will often register companies in Europe, US etc. If you order a custom kilt or accessories from a branch within the European Union, for example Germany and France, you should avoid taxes, and sometimes you may, but according to the business model, the goods might be shipped directly to you from Pakistan. Obviously, a grey zone, for which this symbol is used:


This might also apply for Pakistani vendors with a business address in UK and USA. But in this case, shipped from Pakistan might simply mean cheaper shipment cost. If in doubt, or it seems unclear, ask the vendor. By all means, be prepared to pay taxes.

Utilikilt. The iconic utility kilt.

2. Utility kilts and other kilt variants

Utility kilts are the American take on a kilt. Judged from the increasing number of vendors, not just in the US but also in Britain, France, Germany etc. there must be a growing market for them. Their design is not defined like with traditional kilts. Many models, with their excessive use of metal and cargo pockets, seem to aim at not just traditional kilt wearers wanting more alternatives, but to various sub-groups of society. Nevertheless, you might be able to find rather clean-designed utility kilts with most vendors.

Very many of the vendors listed below, especially those based in Pakistan, will also make camouflage kilts, denim kilts, and leather kilts, some of them in a rather traditional kilt design, others from kind of utility kilt design to being just skirts.

Why not again?
When Emperor Augustus, well 2000 years ago, sent out a decree that "all the world should be taxed", Roman men were wearing skirts as a natural thing.
Why shouldn't men 2024 wear skirted garments again, whenever they felt like it? .

Utilikilt Mocker
Utilikilt Mocker with slide pockets. To me much nicer than cargo pockets. .

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Utilikilt Original Black

Utilikilts continued

United Kingdom

Union Jack Union Jack

Clan Kilt.co.uk

Kilt Experts You decide waist and length.

S-Kilt London


UK Kilts Custom kilts


Germany Grey-EU

Clan Kilt.de

Schottenrock (Kilt & More) Custom kilts


France Grey-EU

Clan Kilt.fr

Kilt Homme (Kilt & More) Custom kilts

Scottish Kilts Custom kilts


Sweden EU

Mad of Sweden High prices . The design looks good.


Australian flagnon-Eu



USA non-Eu

551Tactical Duty Kilt

UT Kilts

Damn Near Kilt 'Em Men's Techlite Rogue Utility Kilt. NO cargo pockets!

Champion Kilts
This company has a wide range of utility kilts with some very good designs, some of them being unique, compared to competition.

Cheap Kilt Custom kilts

Damn Near Kilt' Em

Fashion Kilt Custom kilts

Kiltailor Custom kilts

Kilt&Jacks Custom kilts

Kilt & More Custom kilts

Kilt Experts Custom kilts. Waist and length.


Kilts Shop Custom kilts


Liberty Kilts Custom kilts

Original Kilt (Buzz Kidder)

Royal Kilt Custom kilts

Scottish Kilts Custom kilts

Stump Town Kilts

The Celtic Croft (Utility Kilts)

The Kilts Company


Extremely high quality - reflected in price.

Utiliklit Mocker Olive

Utilikilt Original Black

Ut Kiltstore


Verillas Kilts
Looks a bit of Dark Universe.


Canada non-Eu

North Bound Leather
Leather kilts


Pakistan non-Eu

Kilt and Sporrans

Prime Kilts

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3. Sarongs

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka non-Eu

Lovi Sarongs


Thailand non-Eu

Longyi Brothers

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Amazon man skirt
Amazon man skirt 2023.

4. Kilts and skirts, designed for special purposes

Adventure kilts and skirts


USA non-Eu

Macabi Skirt
A unisex skirt. The original Macabi skirt can be worn as kind of pants. A knee length version is also available.

Purple Rain Adventure Skirts
Lightweight skirts positioned at women but men can wear and do wear these skirts, too: The kilt models are unisex.

Running kilts



J Walking Designs
"Note: while our women's kilts do have sewn-in shorts, our men's kilt does not have shorts underneath (the eternal question answered)!"

Running Kilts.com

Work kilts


Sweden EU

Blåkläder - hard duty kilts, to order in several countries.

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Black man skirt. Amazon
Black man skirt, Amazon 2023.

5. Man skirts and gender-neutral skirts

Skirts designed for men are to buy, and even even if vendors are few, there are more and more of them, making buying women's skirts irrelevant.

In several countries

Amazon, ASOS, and EMP International are now selling man skirts on a regular basis. To see what they are offering, just go to their websites and search for man skirts or male skirts.



EMP International Under category Kilts


Netherlands flag EU

Unisex clothes.


France EU

Sous les jupes des hommes
Despite the brand name, indicating man skirts, the people behind Sous les jupes des hommes seem to position their products as kilts. Neo-traditional kilts they could be called, very well-designed and should definitely have future potential.

Sous les jupes des hommes on Instagram


Lithunia EU

Linen Wedding Dress
A company making handcrafted wedding dresses in linen, but on top of that also men's made-to-measure kilts in the same fabric. They are not traditional kilts, but what you might call a new take on kilt design. Made by hand in Lithunia.


Spain EU

Daves Sullivan
Daves model Sullivan, Sullivan being one of three man skirt collections from Davesbrand.com.

Judged from the pictures, they seem to offer very nice male skirts, being handmade in Spain with respect for environment and offered at affordable prices.

Daves Barker
Daves model Barker.


Mexico non-Eu

Skirts for men


USA non-Eu

Unisex hiking skirts with pockets.

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