Solid black kilt

Non-tartan kilts

Solid black kilts

Black Solid

A traditional kilt without a tartan is a possibility with most kilt shops.

The Kilts

Shown on this page are three different kilts in solid black.

Kilt #1 Mercy
It is a black 22" lightweight kilt, bought in 2005 on eBay and labeled Mercy, but nobody seems to sell a kilt under that name anymore.

Above the Mercy kilt

Kilt #2 O'Neil of Dublin
A ready-made 5-yard kilt in approx. 10 oz. wool. No longer available in black, but in four tartans.

Above the O'Neil of Dublin kilt

Kilt #3 Heritage of Scotland
The kilt is a black heavyweight 5-yard PV/acrylic Casual from Heritage of Scotland. It has been shortened by a seamstress from 24" to 22.5". It might not be identical to kilts sold toay by Heritage of Scorland.

Above the Heritage of Scotland kilt