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AmeriKilt Olive and Saffron

The kilts

One of the first companies to enter the utility kilt market after was But now, after almost 20 years on the market, it has closed down.
Since years AmeriKilts have been my absolute favourites with their straight forward design without cargo pockets and with only the almost twice as expensive Utilikilt Mocker coming close. Time will show if Union shall start up again and then market their Hill Wallker, also without cargo pockets.

Instead of pockets AmeriKilts came with a detachable, most roomy sporran made in the same fabric and color as the kilt.

The fabric is light weight and therefore on a hot day the kilt feels extremely comfortable. At low temperatures you might prefer wearing it with leggings or kind of tights, like men will wear them under running shorts etc.

On this page you can see the AmeriKilt in olive and saffron. It also was to buy in black, probably the best selling colors for utility kilts.

Amerikilts were to have in three lengths, 21", 23", and 25". The kilts on this page are 21".