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American Heritage

The American Heritage tartan is a fashion tartan, designed and registered by the owner of USA Kilts, William C Roeger III, and the kilt shown on this page is one that company's casuals.

The kilt

USA Kilts Casual is a very well made 4 yard kilt. Instead of buckles and straps it has a Velcro closure and it can, according to the USA Kilts website be either worn at the "Jeans Waist" or at the "True Waist" (just above your naval) like a traditional kilt. I have bought my USA Kilt second hand. It has three loops for a men’s ordinary belt, which is an option, too, and when I prefer a normal kilt belt & buckle I just don’t use the loops.
I know the kilt was intended to be worn at jeans waist and therefore ordered two inch shorter in accordance with instructions which, however, means 0.5 inch shorter than recommended for my height.

At jeans waist it is a little bit to the short side, therefore; quite a few will say too short, no doubt. And worn at true waist it definitely is, at least from a traditional point of view.
Nevertheless, I really like my USA Kilt and do wear it a lot, low or high, with different belts, with and without a sporran, with kilt hose up or scrunched down, or with just ordinary short socks, knee high socks or "invisble" socks. At very low temperatures a couple of times even with leggings or tights around my knees. Well, they are no longer that uncommon, men already wearing them together with running shorts etc. So why not?

On my feet leather shoes, sneakers, boots and when raining, rain boots.

The missing metal parts also means that it won't set any alarms at air port's security. Certainly a most versatile kilt, this USA Kilts Casual.