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Buchanan Muted/Antique

Buchanan Muted/Antique

The Buchanan name is connected to the lands surrounding the eastern shores of Loch Lomond. Buchanan is a clan tartan and it is available in several versions, of which the antique one shown here may not be one of the most typical Buchanan tartans.

The kilt

The Buchanan kilt was one of my very first kilts, a 4 yard economy kilt bought online from a no longer existing kilt shop in Glasgow, Tartan Wear Direct. Lightweight PV it is and three, rather than four yards. Apart from that, the quality is absolutely fantastic and the fabric feels much more like wool than most cheap kilts today.
The Buchanan tartan provided by USA Kilts for their casuals is coming rather close to this one, as far as I'm able to tell, whereas the Buchanan Weathered tartans offered by KiltSociety, Heritage of Scotland, and Clan.com/Scotweb all look different.