Kilt, Buchanan Antique tartan

3-yard casual kilt in 11 oz. PV, probably from Marton Mills.   
Buchanan Antique tartan.    

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Buchanan muted/antique tartan

The tartan

The Buchanan name is connected to the lands surrounding the eastern shores of Loch Lomond. Buchanan is a clan tartan, and it is available in several versions, of which the antique one shown here may not be one of the most typical Buchanan tartans.

The kilt

The Buchanan was one of my very first kilts, a '4-yard economy kilt' bought online from a no longer existing kilt shop in Glasgow, Tartan Wear Direct.
In fact, it is a 3-yard kilt, but apart from that, the quality is fantastic, and the fabric feels much more like wool than most cheap kilts today. And it does not peel. Here (again) less is more.

Probably, it is made in Scotland, and the excellent PV-fabric being from Marton Mills.

The length is 21", and should I order it today, I should like it 1-2 inches longer. With 21" the kilt must sit low, if it shall not be way too short, what it is on some pictures. But this cheap kilt is indestructible, it seems. So, I keep wearing it. The tartan is one of my absolute favourites.
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The Scottish Register of Tartans has 14 Buchanan tartans listed. If you, like me, should think that the version, shown on this page is the one to go for, St. Kilda Kilts in Glasgow and USA Kilts, both using the Poly Viscose fabric from Marton Mills for their casual kilts, are to recommend. The Buchanan versions offered by most other vendors look different.

Pictures are from Switzerland, Spain, Italy and "just around the corner". The winters 2011 and 2012 were extremely cold. In periods temperatures were down at -12C or 10F and sometimes lower than that, which you'll see on some of the pictures.
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