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Moffat tartan

The tartan

Moffat is a clan tartan. Clan Moffat comes from the Scottish Borders.

The kilt

The kilt is a 5-yard casual PV/acrylic kilt, made to measure in Pakistan. The vendor is Kilt & (not Kilts & More) with branches in USA, France (Kilt Homme), and Germany (Schottenrock).

Prior to ordering I had my doubts. A kilt made-to-measure almost at the price of a readymade kilt, should it be waste of money? It was not. I got a very nice kilt. Customer service was excellent, fabric and sewing quality definitely above average, and delivery fast. Less than three weeks after ordering I had my kilt. I really got much value for my money and a kilt I will wear for many purposes.

Out and about in the neighbourhood.
I think I have worn this kilt about 30 times by now, which might be more than a kilt, only meant for special events, shall ever be worn. And it is not to see. Highly to recommend!