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Thompson Grey

Thompson Grey

Another Thompson or Thomson tartan.

The kilt

A James Morrison 5 yard kilt in lightweight PV by Marton Mills and made to measure.

When in 2014 I ordered the kilt by Heritage of Scotland basic price for a 5 yard James Morrison kilt was £151. For the most popular tartans you didn't have to pay extra, and that was the case for Thompson Grey, too. And very often they had 15% or 20% price offs. Thus I have for many of these excellent kilts paid no more than £121-£128.

In the meantime they have increased prices rather dramatically. The basic price is now £200-10% = £180 (it has been higher), and that's OK. Supply and demand determ prices. What is not OK is, that the basic price seems to be pure theory. At least I haven't been able to find just one tartan, where you don't have to pay extra, meaning prices are not just 19% higher, but effectively often considerably higher than just four years ago, on kilts sewn in Scotland.

And not just prices, also delivery times have gone up. From then maximum 42 days on a made-to-measure kilt to now "anything between 8 and 15 weeks", equalizing 56-105 days. Therefore less value for money than before.