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Dirk's skirts

Dirk is designing his own skirts

Some time ago I in a forum found some pictures showing Dirk and his skirts. My immediate thought was that they proved that a man can actually wear a skirt without sacrificing his manliness. I contacted him and got his permission to publish them here on my website.

Dirk is a German, in his mid forties, married, and living in in North Rhine-Westphalia in a city with around 50.000 inhabitants. Some years years ago he bought a Hiatus man skirt, shown right below, and a few others and started wearing them out and about.



But there it didn't stop. Dirk wanted something special and now he is designing and making his own skirts, resembling no others, neither women's nor men's. Often he is using unusual materials and techniques, like gluing instead of stitching. And not just skirts, also windbreakers he makes out of his colourful materials, like you'll see on the last slide (15/15).

Dirk claims that of course he is noticed when wearing his outstanding skirts, but people seem to fully accept it. And his wife confirms that it is a non-event, and to such degree that sometimes Dirk will even wear his unique skirts to work.