Man skirt designed by Graefin, Berlin


Black tailored skirts

The skirts

In fact, there are two skirts, tailored by a dressmaker in Berlin. Except for the fabric, one being lightweight, the other one heavyweight, they are identical. If they had pleats at the rear, they had been kilts. But they haven't. Instead, the four yards of fabric accommodate for deep pleats at the sides. On the front they have an inside pocket, closed by a vertical zipper. Five belt loops. Definitely man skirts or to about 80% non-traditional kilts.
The basic design is identical with that of the Elliott tartan skirt on the previous page. However, the flat panel on the back is narrower than on the Elliott skirt. Where the Elliott skirt might be taken for a kilt, this is less obviouis with the skirts. Therefore the skirts look different. Because of the side pleats are Most people, out of a Scottish context, shall probably consider this skirt a kilt. And if not, then just the kind of skirt which any man can wear.
It has been tailored by a talented German kiltmaker, Syriel, who is however, at the beginning of 2022, about to retire and close her business.