Elliott tartan

Tartan kilts

Elliott tartan

The tartan

Elliott is a clan tartan, Elliott being a Scottish border clan.

The kilt

Basically a 4-yard kilt; only, instead of pleats at the back, it has several, very deep pleats at the sides. This means that it, according to definitions, is not a traditional kilt, but a tartan wrap skirt. Nevertheless, the reason for designing it this way took a starting point in the way men live today. Moving the pleats from the back to the sides makes the kilt much more comfortable when sitting in front of a computer, having to step in and out of cars or when seated for a long time on board an airplane. Due to the yardage the special "feel" of kilt is maintained.

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Most people, at least out of a Scottish context, shall probably consider this it a kilt. And if not, then just the kind of skirt which any man can wear.
It has been tailored by a talented German kiltmaker, Syriel, who, however, retired last year.