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Stewart Black tartan

The tartan

A family/clan tartan according to The Register of Scottish Tartans. However, it is one of the most used tartans for a lot of things, including off-the-peg kilts, ladies' kilted skirts, furniture decoration etc.

The kilts

There are two kilts in Stewart Black tartan to see on this page, a ready-made wool kilt from Irish O’Neil of Dublin and from an American vendor a cheap custom kilt PV kilt, probably sewn in Pakistan.

O'Neil of Dublin 23" kilt

The kilt is a 5.5-yard lightweight wool casual kilt. O’Neil of Dublin is making kilts for men in four tartans, Stewart Royal being one of them.

15 pictures

The Irish made O'Neil of Dublin kilt shown in 15 pictures above is very nicely made, and the woolen tartan looks and feels good. Being only 5'9" high (176 cm) I very much appreciate this kilt being 23" long, instead of normally 24" for a ready-made kilt.

A 4-yard too short PV kilt

Ordered from an American vendor who back in 2014 might have been one of first to offer cheap kilts in individual lengths. I wanted mine to be to the short side and ordered it 20" or 51 cm long. That I got. Most kilt wearers, no doubt, shall say that it is not only short, but too short. And they may be absolutely right.

10 pictures

On a kilt every inch matters; and 2½-3 inches in length make quite of a difference. By having this short kilt sit as low as possible you can to some extent compensate, which you can see in the first pictures above. But if worn at your natural waist, it is too short for most situations. For walking in the open, I think it is fine – provided not worn too high, as in the three last pictures.
The fabric on this kilt tends to peel. Therefore, it is advisable to leave the sporran at home. The O'Neil kilt is about four times more expensive than this one, but also way better. And this is not just a question of length.