Stewart Hunting

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Stewart Hunting

The tartan

The Register of Scottish Tartans classifies Stewart Hunting as a clan/family tartan, even if it is often regarded a universal or general tartan. By all means, it is one of the most popular tartans and it should be the one Queen Victoria preferred over all other tartans.
The Stewart Hunting tartan is rather special, due to the pattern being asymmetric.

The kilt

A cheap casual ready-made PV-kilt.

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Like Queen Victoria I like the Stewart Hunting tartan. I bought the kilt 20 years ago. The PV-fabric was fine and so was sewing quality, apart from the pleating. The vertical red stripe and the yellow one next to it at the center of the back could have been better aligned, I thought. Accordingly, I would wear the kilt only a few times, among others in Tuscany, Italy. Then I sold it. The pleating was not an issue for the buyer. Hopefully, he is still enjoying wearing it. Now I just wonder, whether it, due to the asymmetrical design, was the way of doing the pleating?