Daves Barker man skirt

Daves Barker man skirts by Davesbrand.com.   
The photo is property of Davesbrand.com.  
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How about a skirt? Could a man wear a skirted garment, other than a kilt, without loosing his manly identity?
It does not make sense, should a kilt be the only manly alternative to trousers, should it? Also, it shouldn't make sense, should all men, wanting a break from jeans and shorts, embrace the kilt. They don't. Or they do not just want the kilt but also the added variety to obtain by a skirt.


Men have earlier been wearing skirted garments, without being accused of being or appearing femme. In some parts of the world they still do.
In Ancient Egypt, men were wearing skirts called shendyts. Jesus never wore trousers, Socrates didn’t. When Emperor Augustus declared that the “World” should be counted, Roman men and boys were wearing mini-skirt looking tunics or long dress-like togas. The Roman Empire was built by men in skirts. Trousers were not invented with the purpose of having men look more masculine but because trousers were more practical for a lot of tasks, those being fewer in today’s world.

Egypt. Men in Shendyts. The skirts worn by the women behind the men were longer, and the women had their upper body covered.

Roman Emüire
Men in skirts created The Roman Empire.

European kings and noble men would up to the French revolution appear in clothing which we today should definitely consider female.

Francois I
French king Francois I, 1494-1547

Henry VIII
British monarch Henry VIII, 1491-1547.

History proves that men can wear skirts - and remain men.
Some men are wearing skirts today, like some are wearing kilts. And no daubt, in future, we shall see more men choosing this most convenient garment.

The man skirt shall become mainstream

There are several reasons why, eventually, men in skirts shall become common.

1. Society has become liberal
In most of the civilized world, people have become open-minded and tolerant. People can live, look and dress the way they want, to an extend never seen before.

2. Men are already dressing less conservatively
These years, we witness ties disappearing, and the business suit certainly has known better days. In some Western cultures, they since long have had casual Fridays, in others, casual Fridays have become Monday through Friday, and 'Sunday's Best' has since decades been history. Colours are no longer limited to 'manly' blue, green, grey, brown, and black. On sweaters, shorts, and jeans we see once 'female-only' red, purple, and even pink.

Many items have become unisex, like hoodies, polos, t-shirts, and sneakers.

3. Fashion designers are positive.
In the last 20 years or so, designers have been working on bringing skirts to men, the last 2-3 years, however, harder than ever before.

4. The fashion industry should profit big scale
Men in skirts, like women in trousers, what a new market comprising half the population? As soon as manufacturers see things moving, be sure, they shall show more than willing to follow up.

5. Celebrities are seen in skirts
Names like Harry Styles und Brad Pitt have in 2022 made headlines all over the world, because them wearing skirts or dresses.

6. Fashion magazines are supportive
Vogue, GQ, and many others have recently had men in skirts on their cover pages and have had styling tips for men in skirts.

It should be noted that men and women never dressed identically, something today's men in skirts often seem to forget - or don't know. To have men, except for a small minority, wear skirts again, we need skirts designed for us, sewn for us, positioned for us.
This being also the case when women around 60 years ago started wearing trousers, up till then the monopoly of men. They wanted and got their own trousers, and they didn't mix them with more of men's garments, but kept their own tops, hosiery, and shoes.

Man skirts are to buy

Man skirts, sometimes called male skirts, are to buy! Some enterprises are making and marketing them, and no doubt, it is just the start.


Amazon, ASOS, and EMP International are now selling man skirts on a regular basis. To see what they are offering, just go to their websites and search for man skirts or male skirts.



EMP International

Under category Kilts



Le Jupes des Hommes

The company is situated in Nantes. Many skirt styles are available.


Daves Brand

A most interesting supplier might be a rather new vendor on the man skirt market, Spanish Davesbrand.com. The company is offering three collections, two of them to have in different colours. I haven't seen or tried on the skirts but judged from the pictures on the Davesbrand website, they do look very promising and are manly by design. They are sewn in Spain, they are lightweight, the fabric is claimed to be of high quality, and best of all, prices seem attractive. EU-citizens shall benefit from no taxes, with only freight cost coming on top. Enquiries were answered fast and detailed, making a good first impression of the company.

The photos below are property of Davesbrand.com and published here with the company's permission.

To me, the Daves collections look like the best take on man skirts, I have seen, and to buy in 2024. Three series, altogether 11 different skirts. Should be about covering any need for a man skirt.

Having neither seen, nor tried on a skirt from Daves Brand, I can't tell, of course, whether these skirts deserve a recommendation, but judged from the pictures, they definitely do. Therefore, without really knowing, I think you should give them a try, should you be in the market for a skirt, for a man to wear.

Sizes in Spain (and France) are half your waist size in cm. To find the correct size, take some jeans which are fitting you well, close them, place them flat on a table and measure them at the waist. Is the measurement 46 cm, order your skirt in size 46. Is it 48 cm, you should order the Daves skirt size 48, and so on. Sizes up to 50 = 100 cm waist are available.

All Daves skirts being wrap skirts, it should be fairly easy to adjust the waist size, have you ordered them a size too big, by just moving a few buttons.

Outside of Europe

To mention are



In 2015 American SkirtCraft launched a skirt. It started out to be a man skirt, but eventually the company decided to position it as a unisex thing.

SkirtCraft unisex skirt



Prices may at a first glance seem high, but they are in Mexican dollars.

Man skirts can be tailored to your wishes

If you have an idea about how you should like a kilt or a man’s skirt - your skirt - to look like, you could go to a tailor and have one made.

Actually, I have three such skirts which are basically kilt designs, but with pleats only at the sides, none at the rear, they probably are skirts rather than kilts. Or they are kilt variants.

On a forum, it several years ago, was debated, how a kilt, should it be redesigned, or product developed, should look like. Up came the idea of, for convenience, moving the pleats to the sides. Following that track, one member actually had three “neo-classic” kilts made for him, one being in tartan, made by a German kilt maker, the two others solid black, but in different fabrics and sewn by a dressmaker in Berlin. As he a couple of years ago would no longer wear them, he asked me if I should like to have them? I immediately accepted, of course.

They all are 4 yard, 24” long and the aprons are going from hip to hip like on a traditional kilt. The tartan version is closed by means of straps and buckles and has loops for a kilt belt. The black ones are closed by Velcro and have loops for men's normal belts. Further they are having a deep inside pocket with a vertical zipper.

In today’s world they make a lot of sense, whether they are kilts, kilt variants or male skirts. On the gallery pages I have placed the tartan design under tartan kilts, the black ones under skirts.

Tailored skirt, Elliott tartan
A traditional kilt? Not really. Having all the pleats at the sides, it might be called a contemporary kilt or just a skirt.
Tailor-made, 4-yard, approx. 10 oz. wool, Elliott tartan.

Black tailored skirt
Black, tailored skirts. Identical design but one made of a heavy weight, the other of a lightweight pure new wool. Græfin Berlin

You might design and make your own skirts

It is not for every man to make his own skirts. He must have skills in designing and sewing techniques. But I have an example and a very good one. It's Dirk, a German, living in Rheinland-Westfalen. Looking at his often-colourful skirts you feel that discussing whether they are masculine or feminine or for men or women makes no sense. They are not just unique, they are right.

Dirk-s Designs
Above two of Dirk's skirts. Accessories should always, in form, structure and colours, be coordinated. And that is what many men, not just those wearing skirts, forget about, or they have no understanding for it. Dirk has.
On the first picture you might notice how windbreaker and boots. knee socks and T-shirt, and skirt and smartphone-cover perfectly interconnect. On the next picture, everything is in black and white.

The pictures are published here with Dirk's consent.


Outside the western world we find the sarong which has its origin in Sri Lanka and is being worn by many men. It is also known under names like kikoy (South Africa), lamba (Madagascar), longyi (India), malong (Philippines), mundo (Maldives), and pah kao mah (Thailand, the version for men).

Basically the sarong is a big piece of cloth, worn around the waist as a wrap skirt. And often it is a very cheap garment to be primarily worn on the beach. However, Sri Lanka based Lovi Ceylon offers a wide range of more sophisticated sarongs which looks like being more universally wearable and therefore might better appeal to men in our part of the world. LOVI CEYLON.

Women's skirts

How about a skirt designed for women? Fortunately, men can, in most of what we might describe as the civilized world, wear whatever feminine garment they should like to. A good example is a Czech couple, where he, Vlasta, as a natural thing not only wears skirts, but also dresses etc. - completely women's garb, something which seems to be fully accepted by his wife, Michaela. And by society, in the Czech Republic. Gender Blender.

So, should you (and your wife) be ok with someone probably putting you in some LGTBQ+ drawer, because this is what society should still do, when men are crossing the imaginary border between manly and (too) feminine, wear whatever skirt - or dress - you like. You can.

Should you, however, strive for being recognized as a MAN just wearing a skirt, be careful with your choice of skirts and especially how you accessorize them.

The problem with women's skirts is not that they are designed for women, but that they, these years, tend to be very feminine, thin fabrics, floral motives, below knee-length - or really minis, being too short for a man to wear. Further, women are most of the time wearing trusers, and when not, they'll wear a dress rather than a skirt. This means that the availability of skirts in general is limited, and those which might look masculine (enough) for a man to wear are very few.

A dress, just for the sake of good order?
Men and women are shaped differently, men’s upper body being longer than women’s, just being one of the differences, and meaning that most dresses should fit badly on a man or not fit at all.

Much more important, however, is the perceived difference between a skirt and a dress, the dress being considered the most feminine of all garments.

In a skirt, 2/3 of you can still signalize man, whereas, in a dress, 2/3 of you should look femme to a degree that it cannot possibly be balanced by means of just heavy shoes and a manly haircut. Your aura should be more than macho to make you being regarded simply a man having obviously chosen to wear a dress for comfort on a very hot summer day.


Rather than buying a women's skirt just because you might save a few dollars or euros, go for a man skirt.

Daves man skirt model Barker in red, Granate. Davesbrand Galeria
The picture is property of Davesbrand.com and published here with the company's permission.

Daves man skirt model Barker Tartán Rojo. To most people with no Scottish connection, a skirt like this is simply a kilt.
The picture is property of Davesbrand.com and published here with the company's permission.

Women's skirts you basically should leave to the ones they are intended for and to men, who must express themselves this way to feel well. Just welcome that now they can. And that, eventually, more and more skirts made especially for you and other men are to buy.

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