From this page you'll have access to 30 kilt gallery pages showing traditional kilts in that many different tartans. Add to that solid coloured traditional kilts, utility kilts, and man skirts.

When looking at the many pictures on the following pages you might get the impression that I always wear a kilt. I don't. But after all, this entire site is about kilts (and skirts).
I think jeans and shorts are great. But so are kilts. And I do wear kilts a lot. More than 20 years it is. I like the look, the comfort, the difference, and being just a little bit different by doing so. Last not least isn't variety the spice of life? To me it is, I think.
The intention has not been to show you how I look like wearing a kilt, but have you imagine wearing one yourself, to convince you that you can actually wear a kilt anywhere, anytime without any special occasion, and inspire you to one day wear a kilt yourself, or if you already do, do it more often. As they say in commercials for quite another type of product, "You're worth it."

Stewart Royal
Stewart Royal