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Vendors of traditional kilts and accessories. Tartan finders.

Buying online. General information for EU-citizens EU>

When you, as an EU-citizen, are ordering goods from another EU-country no taxes are to pay. You pay the price of kilt or accessory including VAT and freight, and it is delivered to your door step without extra cost. Could not be more simple.

When your kilt or accessory is to be sent from a non-EU country, i.e. a third-country, your own country's VAT and a customs clearance fee always apply.
And if the price exceeds 150 Euros or the equivalent in other currencies, a 12% customs duty applies too, and VAT hereof.

Due to the free-trade-agreement between EU and UK, there is NO customs duty on goods sent from UK to a an EU country, whatever their price, provided they are manufactured 100% in UK from materials, made in UK! Otherwise customs duty applies on the part of the product which is not British, if the value is exceeding 150 Euros.
At all times VAT and customs clearance fee are to pay, like from other third-countries.
Vendors in UK should deduct British VAT when selling to EU-citizens. Check before paying. In countries with a VAT-rate below the British there is something to save, whereas in EU countries with a higher VAT, like Denmark and Sweden, kilts shall in future be more expensive.
Due to the customs clearance fee all kilts shipped from Scotland, cheap or expensive, shall automatically become approx. 18 GBP more expensive.

Vendors of cheap custom kilts might send directly to you from Pakistan, even if their homepages indicate addresses within EU. This could mean VAT and customs clearance fee to be paid prior to having kilts and accessories handed over to you. But they might still be competive.

0. On this page

1. Ready-made kilts
1a. Locally manufactured
1b. Imported from Pakistan

2. Custom kilts
2a. Locally manufactured
2b. Made-to-measure in Pakistan

3. Accessories

4. B2B

5. Tartan mills

6. Tartan finders

Readzmade kilt, Holyrood tartan

Readymade kilt, Holyrood tartan

1. Ready-made kilts

1a. Locally manufactured

Locally manufactured means that the kilts are sewn in the country where the vendor is situated.

United Kingdom

Scotland UK

Highland Store 2 yard wool off-the-peg kilts

Kilts4less x-hire kilts


Scotland / EU

In Ireland readzmade kilt, Stewart Navy tartan

Readymade kilt by O'Neil of Dublin. The tartan, Stewart Navy, is no longer available.

O'Neil of Dublin
Lightweight kilts in pure worsted wool. Four different tartans.

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Readzmade imported kilt, Thompson Camel tartan

Readymade imported kilt, Thompson Camel tartan; white kilt hose.

1b. Imported kilts from Pakistan

When buying your first kilt or you just want a kilt to wear in situations where an expensive wool kilt would be overkill, a ready-made kilt might be a good choice.
They typically are 5 or 8 yard kilts, made of PV or an acryllic fabric and 24" long and well under £100.
Most of them come from Pakistan, meaning they are what you might call imported kilts. But they might also come from other Far-East low labour cost countries, as will practically all clothing today, even expensive brands, so per se it does not mean inferior quality.

That said, the cheapest kilts in the £25-35 range might give you less value for money, if any, than kilts selling at about £50-£60. At least this is my experience. The problem is first of all the fabric, even if the sewing quality could also be better. Cheap PV/acrylic fabrics peel, making in no time the kilt useless. High quality PV fabrics do not.

My advise to you as a customer, avoid cheapest of kilts.

My advice to vendors of cheaper Pakistani kilts,
Have yardage reduced from 8 to 4 or 5, use saved cost on better fabric quality and keep the price. By doing so, also a few Rupees shall be saved on labour cost, as there is less yardage to handle. And, due to less weight, freight cost may go down, as well. Reduce number of straps and buckles from three to two and sincerily consider improving leather quality of the straps. Offer 8 yard kilts at a higher price.

United Kingdom

Scotland UK

Heritage of Scotland

House of Scotland on ebay

Jannat Scottish Heritage on ebay

Kilt Society

Kilt Society Essential Kilt

Kilt Society Essentials Kilt Thistle Blue tartan.
A very nice kilt made of durable PV. It comes in five company-designed tartans plus Black Watch. But, unfortunately, only in the 24" standard length and eight yards. Earlier Kilt Society would also have very nice custom kilts.

Tartanista on ebay

The Scotland Kilt Company
The Scotland Kilt Company on ebay


Germany EU

In Germany there are a few places where you can buy a kilt off-the-peg kilts:


Irish Berlin Shop/retailer
Gr. Hamburger Str. 36A, 10115 Berlin Dienstag - Freitag 13.00 bis 19.30 Uhr Samstag 10.00 bis 16.00

Scottish Things
Ludwina Helfert Hauptstr. 5c 63457 Hanau - Großauheim Di. & Do. 14:00 - 18:00 Uhr im Laden

Syriels Kiltworld
After 18 years in business Syriel has decided to close down. Until the end of 2021 it is still possible to order a kilt from her, however, and at a very favourable price, only 49€.


Sweden EU

Scottish House Stockholm


Spain EU

Galician Shop

The Netherlands

Netherlands EU

Celtic Webmerchant



Stillwater kilts


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Custom kilt, Caledonia tartan

Custom kilt, Caledonia tartan

2. Custom kilts

Wanting a kilt in wool, which really fits you when it comes to waist and length and where you'll have a lot of tartans to choose from, go for a kilt made to measure. It doesn't have to be that expensive. Only kiltmakers, giving you the option to order your kilt online and according to your measures, are listed below.

2a. Locally manufactured

Locally manufactured means that the kilts are sewn in the country where the vendor is situated, be it in Scotland, USA, Canada, Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland etc.

Custom kilt, Gunn tartan, worn with an anorak

Custom kilt, Gunn Ancient tartan. The kilt is worn with an anorak.

United Kingdom

Scotland UK

CLAN by Scotweb

Clan, a major Scottish kilt vendor, earlier known as Scotweb, has a very well designed and functioning web site.
And you can have kilts in all price groups, except for cheap imported ones. Instead they are offering their most interesting Essential Scotweb Casual Kilt.

It is a 5 yard kilt sewn in Scotland to your measures in UK-made high quality poly viscose. You can choose between no less than 70 tartans, and most of them are only £137.

Probably this is the kilt, I should go for as my first one (if not the USA Kilts Casual). It is 4-5 times more expensive than £25-35 cheap 8-yard kilts, but you'll get so much more for your money in terms of quality. And for casual wear a 5-yard light weight-medium weight kilt is by all means a better choice than is an 8-yard heavy weight one. This Clan Essential Scotweb Casual made-to-your-measures kilt you can have only six weeks after ordering, which is fast, compared to most competitors.

CLAN is also selling a five yard made-to-measure Balmoral casual kilt "with a contemporary lower-waisted cut" which isn't a bad thing for a kilt to be worn casually. Prices start at £194 and, best of all, a lot of tartans are available at that price.

Add to that, 7- and 8-yard kilts, as well.


Donaldsons of Scotland

Geoffrey Tailor

Highlander Tartan Wear

Highland Store

House of Argyll

House of Henderson

House of Tartan
Most interesting for casual or active wear might be their machine washable, made-to-measure 4x4 Sportskilt with invisible side pockets. The fabric is 12-13 oz. polyester/viscose.
At the same price you can have a Casual kilt made of 4 yards pure new wool.
Their prices are without British VAT.

Houston Traditional Kiltmakers

Kilts & more
By Kilts & more you can have a 4 yard box pleated kilt at the same price as a 5 yard kilt pleated to the stripe. (A box pleated kilt takes less yardage).



Kilts 4 U

Kinloch Anderson

Lochcarron of Scotland

McCalls Highlandwear

Nicolson Kiltmakers

Paul Henry Kilts




Scotweb is now CLAN by Scotweb.

Slanj Kilts

The Kilt Centre

The Kilt Store

The Scotland Kilt Company


Austria EU

Rettl 1868
Austrian tartan kilts and fashion.

Rett Magazine

Don't miss the

Rettl & Friends magazines

.The link gives you access to by now 20 beautiful magazines. They are in German only, but if you don't understand the language, just enjoy the pictures.

In fact, no kilt maker or vendor I know of does so much as Rettl when it comes to promoting the kilt and making high quality kilts become fashion.


France EU>

Lady Chrystel Kilts
Lady Chrystel is a specialist in making box pleated, double box pleated and kingussie pleated kilts.


Germany EU

Carlo Jösch, Köln

Celticcraft, Perchting

Kiltmaker Donald MacKenzie Hamburg - nach Mass geschneidert

Kilts & More Europe
Mühlhausen bei Heidelberg

Hauptstraße 74
D-69242 Mühlhausen
Mo-Do: 10:00 bis 17:00 Uhr Fr.-Sa. 10:00 bis 14:00 Uhr
Kilts are manufactured in Scotland

The Netherlands

Netherlands EU

The World of Scotland






Burnett's & Struth

MacIsaac Kiltmakers


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Custom kilt, Farquharson tartan

Custom kilt, Farquharson tartan



Affordable Kilts

Alexis Malcolm Kilts

Barb Tewksbury
Barb Tewksbury is not only a professor of geoscienties, but also a well-known kiltmaker and author of the book The Art of Kiltmaking.

Got Kilt

J. Higgins

Kathy Lare


Linda Clifford

Sport Kilt
Being really light weight the Sport Kilt is just perfect in a hot climate. For informal occasions where you might otherwise feel comfortable in shorts, it is great – provided you don’t expect it to be a traditional kilt. I don’t. And it is not. It’s an unpretentious kilted garment of its own and for the mentioned purposes I can highly recommend it.

Sport Kilt

Sport Kilt, Loch Ness tartan.

The Celtic Croft

The Scottish Lion

The Scotland Yard

USA Kilts
USA makes a very nice 4 yard kilt according to your measures, called USA Kilts Casual. Being closed by means of Velcro it is more flexible regarding waist size, and when a kilt is worn together with a wide belt no one can see that the buckles and straps are missing. The lack of metal parts also means that it shall set no alarms at airports.

And then it is washable, dries up in no time and needs very little ironing afterwards. Last not least, the USA Kilts Casual is practically indestructible.

High shipping costs from USA to Europe and no VAT to deduct are the only problems I have with this kilt. Therefore it is more expensive to Europeans than is the Clan Scotweb Essential with buckles and straps. But I really feel tempted to once buy another Casual kilt from USA Kilts.

USA s Casual

USA KIlt Casual, American Heritage tartan. No kilt socks.

USA s Casual

USA KIlt Casual, American Heritage tartan. White kilt socks go with most tartans.


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2b. Made-to-measure in Pakistan

Until recently all imported kilts were ready-made 24" long. But now several vendors are offering imported custom-made kilts, at practically the same price as the ready-made ones. But how can it be possible?
Well, freight from manufacturer to vendor must be more expensive, when sent individually, rather than in bulk, but neither manufacturer, nor vendor must invest in inventory. No need then to worry about the best mix of kilts in ten different tartans and six sizes.
Add to that; that in some cases vendor and manufacturer might even be one and the same enterprize. At least, some websites seem to be in Google-translated English, indicating that the vendor is physically situated in Pakistan, being probably the manufacturer of the kilts. Rather than going through an independent vendor, he will ship ordered kilts to distribution centers in USA, UK and Europe and from these to be forwarded to comsumers.
Or they might be sent directly from Pakistan to the customer. In this case VAT and duty clearance fee might come on top, but due to modest prices hardly duty customs. The kilt shall be more expensive, of course, but might be worth it, nevertheless.

Without having access to calculations, a kilt made in Pakistan and sold at 60 USD in USA must leave quite a margin somewhere in the distribution chain; because labour cost in Pakistan is extremely low. For around one US-dollar equivalent you get three hours of labour done in clothing industry. And a kilt is hardly allowed to take even that.

With many vendors you cannot only customize waist and length size, but also hip and fell. Some let you choose between 4, 5, 6. and 8 yards. And quite a few are connected with each other, same phone number, address or staff etc.

Quality? No idea. The fabric might be a problem. But the concept, customizing your own kilt at modest price, is brilliant.

United Kingdom

Scotland UK

Euro Kilt

Kilt Experts You decide waist and length.

UK Kilts


Germany ( EU )

Schottenrock (Kilt & More)


France ( EU> )

Kilt Homme (Kilt & More)

Scottish Kilts



Cheap Kilt

Custom Kilt

Fashion Kilt



Kilt & More

Kilted Bros.

Kilt Experts You decide waist and length.

Kilts Shop

Liberty Kilts

Royal Kilt

Scottish Kilts.

Above mentioned Kilt & More, which might be a Pakistani company with addresses in US, France, and Germany is not the same as Scottish company Kilts & More and its German subsidiary, Kilts & More Europe, having their kilts made in Scotland.
A web address in Europe does not necessarily mean that the kilt is shipped from that country.

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Kilt Society Sporran

Kilt Society sporran

3. Accessories

Most kilt vendors will also sell you all kinds of accessories to go with your kilt, like sporrans, belts, buckles, kilt pins, garter flashes, and kilt hose.

Looking for accessories, Kilt Society is, to my opinion, really the place to go. High quality, good taste in design, reasonable prices, and the best functioning website.

But you'll also find enterprises specializing in accessories.

Sporrans, belts & buckles


Day wear leather sporran.

Belt and Buckle

Belt and buckle.

Artificer Custom Sporrans US

Centaur Design UK

Morrison Sporrans UK

Kilt hose/socks

Kilt hose

Kilt hose by W. Brewin & Co.Belt and buckle.

W. Brewin & Co. Ltd. - WB Socks UK Kilt hose
This cpmpany sell some very nice kilt hose at a very favourable price and in several colours. Highly to recommend.

Under your kilt

Should you feel tempted to go commando but are also concerned about hygienic aspects, the solution is kind of "under kilt" or half slip, which - when worn under a kilt - is called a kilt liner.

G Lieberman & Sons US Kilt liners

Webmaster's opinion
Instead of an authorized kilt liner you might go with a skater skirt, sometimes called a circular skirt. It makes the perfect kilt liner or kilt protector. But you have to find it in women's stores. Or order it online

Skater skirt

If it is OK with you to wear something from the women's section, a skater skirt under your kilt makes a perfect kilt protector.

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4. B2B

Business to business

Thinking of making kilts a business?



UK EXPO International
Having had the opportunity to try on a utility kilt from UK Expo International I must say that I'm most impressed by the sewing quality, the fabric and overall design. UK Expo International also makes tartan kilts and kilted skirts for the ladies.

Greenland Pipe Co,

Thistle Rose Enterprises


Many suppliers to chose from.
Order sizes from 1 to 1000+ kilts

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5. Tartan mills

D.C. Dalgleish House of Edgar


Marton Mills

Strathmore Woollen Co.

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6. Tartan finders

House of Tartan

Tartans Authority

Tartans of Scotland

The Scottish Register of Tartans

What counts

wear your kilt

Wear your kilt
on a regular basis.

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