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21 October 2019

Added to Links Page #2
Schichl Lederhosen

11 October 2019

Changed on Links Page #1
Scotweb has become CLAN with a brand new website.

On the page How and where to buy a kilt Scotweb has been replaced by CLAN.

2 August 2019

Added to Links Page #3

Röcke für Männer Forum Follow up 2014

31 July 2019

Added to Links Page #1

e-bay sellers
House of Scotland
Jannet Scottish Heritage
The Scotland Kilt Company
Tartanista on ebay

25 July 2019

Removed from Links page #3

Sabrina Wohlfeil Keya's World:
Why men need to wear skirts - and women should let them do.

Warum Männer jetzt Röcke tragen sollten - und Frauen das akzeptieren sollten

The links are no longer functioning.

30 June 2019
Added to Links page #3

Ehemann im Rock
Für Frauen, deren Ehemann oder Freund ihnen eines Tages sagt, er werde anfangen, Röcke zu tragen. Wie damit auskommen?

Ehemann im Rock

Artikel im 28. Juni 2019:
Seid ihr ready für den Männerrock?

13 June 2019
The pages Non-traditional kilts, Modische Kilts, and Amerikilt Gallery were updated.

10 June 2019
Removed from Links page #3
Männerrock.pbb3. Das Forum hat aufgehört.

Removed from Links pages #1 and #2
Several vendors who have not yet made their sites secure.

Reason: Most private homepages might not have changed to SSL but considering that no data are interchanged, it probably isn't that big problem. But if you buy a kilt or accessories data go between you and the vendor, and if not encrypted according to the SSL-standard, they might be hacked.

8 June 2019

The site is now SSL certificated
If you have bookmarked this site, change to the new address:

The old address,, is still functioning, however, but not secure, according to today's standards.

Therefore, only use

A new page added
Kilt definitions

Failures on some page titles have been corrected

30 April 2019

Added to Gallery
Stewart Navy Modern

Stewart Navy

Kilt by O'Neil of Dublin, Stewart Navy Tartan.

Four new pictures:
Dirk in skirts

Red Neoprene Skirt

Red skirt in Neoprene designed and made by Dirk.

29 April 2019

Added to Links Page #3
Heltborg Kilt

Added to Gallery Pages Skirts
Dirk in Skirts

Adjustments to
Where and how to buy a kilt?

24 April 2019
Miscl. bugs identified and adjusted.

21 April 2019
All pages uploaded. Responsiveness with tablets improved. Some internal links still to be corrected.

13 April 2019
Gallery pages, non-traditional kilts and skirts changed. First three traditional kilt gallery pages changed. 27 pages to go.

10 April 2019
The dress2kilt site has existed since 2010 and has been revised several times. The latest design from 2016 was still not a responsive one. And like casual-first when we here talk kilts and kilt wearing it has long been mobile-first, when it is about web-design. This must also apply to this site.

Text- and links pages in the new responsive design have been uploaded. Some links might not yet function.

Gallery pages are going to be changed.

Stewart Royal
Stewart Royal