Kilt, Holyrood tartan

3-yard ready-made kilt in PV    
Holyrood tartan.    
Costa del Sol, Spain.    

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1. Forums - Men in kilts and skirts
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3. Blogs
4. Pictures MIK/MIS
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6. Performing in kilts and skirts
7. Hiking in kilts and skirts
8. Kilts and health

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Kilt, Gunn weathered tartan

1. Forums

Men in kilts and skirts

Kilt Forum
Kilt Forum

It used to be a very nice forum with a most friendly atmosphere. However, since Corona, it could do with some more activity. Help bring it back to former splendour.

X Marks The Scots Forum
A big kilt forum.

Skirt Cafe
Skirt Cafe
An active forum with a friendly atmosphere.
Has a kilt section, but focus is on men in skirts.
Das Forum existiert seit 2003.
Für Männer im Kilt doch nur relativ wenig zu finden.
Männer im Kleid dominieren immer mehr das Forum.

French flag

Hommes en Jupe

Duch flag

Rok voor Mannen

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Sport Kilt

2. Websites

Union Jack

Matthew Newsome, kilt wearer, kilt maker and kilt historian, on kilts

Brotherhood of the Kilt FB

How about a kilt?
A link to the start page of this website.

Kilt Society de France

The beskirted man
Promoting Femininity in Masculinity
A very comprehensive website about kilt wearing the traditional way, including what to wear under a kilt.

German flag - Wie wär's mit einem Kilt?
Das Link zu der deutschen Version dieser HP.

Ehemann im Rock...
Liebste, ich will mir einen Rock kaufen
Für Frauen, deren Ehemann oder Freund ihnen eines Tages sagt, er werde anfangen, Röcke zu tragen. Wie damit auskommen?.

Ferdi's Homepage
Die Homepage von Ferdi la Roche, einem deutschen Pionier für Männer im Rock und Kilt, ist nach seinem Tod bewahrt. Nur ein Beitrag fehlt, sonst ist die Seite komplett. Die Links, die nicht länger funktionierten, sind entweder korrigiert oder deaktiviert worden.
Ferdi starb 2008 an einem Herzinfakt. Es ist zu glauben, dass er sich gewünscht hätte, dass seine Gedanken weiterleben sollten.


Mode Muth
Markus Muth, a German in kilts, skirts, dresses, and pants. Hundreds of pictures.

Röcke machen Männer
Leider ist diese HP nicht responsive, aber der Inhalt ist prima. Sehr informativ. MANN im Rock.

Austrians in kilts
Austrian kilt sites indicates an above average interest in kilt wearing:

Highland Warrior

The First Carinthian Highland Club

Rettl 1868 Kilts and Fashion
Especially the Austrian kilt maker Rettl 1868 is doing a very good job in promoting the kilt - the Austrian way.


Heltborg Kilt
Hvad med en kilt?

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3. Blogs

Everybody skirts

Kilted Journey

Kilt Me

Gender Blender
Vlasta and Michaela, a married Czech couple. both of them in dresses.

I wear skirts - and remain a man

Men in skirts
An Austrian in skirts and kilts

Men wearing skirts

Mister Matthew - Ein Rock für Männer

Skirted Running Man

The New Fashion Style Beyond Gender (New Male Fashion Blogspot)

The beskirted man

Unlocking style / The secret of work kilts for the modern professional

Unveiling the timeless elegance: The Scottish kilt outfit.

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4. Kilt and skirt pictures

Search for kilt, kilts, utilikilt

Bing kilt photos

Boys as boys in skirts (and dresses)
A page with hundreds of photos of MEN in skirts and dresses

Nice skirt, bro

Some men in skirts

In order to see pictures you must be logged in. Just search for kilts.

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5. Kilt and skirt videos

A (brief) History of Men Wearing Skirts: When Did They Stop Being "Masculine", Anyway? - Megan Sandor

Dressing in Skirts | PAQ Ep #74 | A Show About Streetwear and Fashion

C’est mon choix : Je suis un homme en jupe
A French televsion program. I'm a man in a skirt.

Convincing men to wear skirts instead of pants.

Galicia's National Kilt

Kilts in the movies

Men wear skirts for a week

One day in a skirt
A teenage boy living on Isle of Wight tests out how it is wearing a miniskirt from early morning till late in the night.

Real Men Wear SKIRTS?! Menswear fashion history is full of men in skirts and dresses SnappyDragon

Testing a manskirt at the Humpty Doo Hotel, Northern Territory, Australia

The "Men in Skirts" Phenomenon - Bliss Foster

Warum tragen Männer keine Röcke?

Y'all have to stop with the "manly men" stereotype"

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Ezra Furman wearing a miniskirt.

6. Performing in kilts and skirts

Celtica Pipes Rock in Concert
A 22 minutes long video. HD Quality

Celtic Thunder - Caledonian
A band giving concert in black kilts.

Dropkick Murphys
- Cadence to arms (Scotland the Brave)

Sinead Kerr and John Kerr
Sister and brother in kilts on ice

2008 Worlds OD - Scottish Dance

On the ice in Göteborg, Sweden

2009 Euros Gala


Stars on Ice 2013

The bad piper ThunderStruck
From Australia's Got Talent 1010

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Kilt, Caledonia tartan
Kilt, Caledonia tartan

7. Hiking in kilts and skirts

A kilt, as well as a wide unrestricting skirt, is perfect on the trail; this below links seem to state. But this also complies when you are just walking in the nearby woods, across a peaceful meadow or along the coast, listening to the ocean.

10 Best Hiking Skirts for Thru-hiking in 2023
By Bailey Bremner, updated on December 2nd, 2022, Greenbelly.Target group: Women

A Case for the Kilt: The Adventure Accessory You Never Knew You Needed
Observer September 15, 2019.

A Skirt Is The Way To Go For Men & Women "
By Lisa.

Camino de Santiago
Discussing hiking skirts ... for men.

Can You Hike In A Skirt? Tips and tricks For comfortable adventures
Dr. Morgan Fielder, DPT | July 21, 2023. CraveThePlanet.

Get hiking in a kilt
OZKilts blog.
By Eden Brownlee | Jan 13, 2017 – If kilts could speak | All About Kilts, Categorized.

Gear Test: Take Your Pants Off
Backpacker , October 1, 2009,

Hiking Daily
The Best Hiking Skirts And Kilts For Men And Women
By Ellie Stanton. Updated: August 18, 2022

Hiking in a Kilt: The Kilted Adventurer

Hiking in Kilts: Ripstop Utility Kilt

Hiking Kilts for Men
Philip Werner October 9, 2009.

Hiking the Highlands in a Kilt
By Andrew Ewans,
National Geographic January 13, 2013.

Sport Kilt Hiking Kilt

Sport Kilt Review and Kilt Wearing FAQ Companion Guide

The adventurous appeal of hiking-kilts / Unveiling the tartan trail.

Why You Might Want to Hike in a Skirt!
The Trek, Semtember 18, 2015, Kira Thornley

Recommended several times above is Sport Kilts' Hiking kilt being made of ultra-lightweight and quick-drying microfibres.
Should you, for hiking, like, in this link contributor #2, with the nick name SkirtedWalker, for comfort prefer your kilt shorter than the standard 22.5", you can have it as short as 18"/46 cm and weight just below 300 g/10.5 oz.

The SK Hiking Kilt is also available in an, judged from the pictures, identical women's version.
In length 18" (standard for the women's hiking kilt) it is $17 cheaper than a same sized men's SK hiking kilt. The women's version comes in waist sizes 30"-42", and should, therefore, fit most men, should they want a kilt that short.

Adidas Genderless skirt
I haven't tried on a Sport Kilt Hiking kilt, but I suppose it should very much feel and look like this, now discontinued, Adidas Genderless Skirt, also being 18" long and weighing 295g.

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Kilt and health

8. Kilt and health

Scottish Medical Journal: Real men wear kilts

Wearing a kilt could make your sperm stronger

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9. Fashion

Skirts for men are coming

Burberry features skirts for men at London fashion show 2021. Article in EyeWittnessNews, February 23, 2021.

Dare to wear mens cashmere mini dress

DIOR winter 2023-2024 MEN'S SHOW
DIOR Winter 2023-2024 Fashion show für Herren
Men in wide-legged trousers and skirts to an extent which has probably never been seen before in fashion.

Part 1
Landesmuseum Würtemberg.

Part 2
Landesmuseum Würtemberg.

Girlfriend Look
Artikel in, 2024

Henrik Vibskov Puts Men in Skirts

Mann trägt wieder Rock
Deutschlandfunk Nova, 26.03.2021. Mit Podcast.

Männerrock? Unbedingt!

Die 4 besten Styling Tipps, um so cool auszusehen wie Brad Pitt und Harry Styles.
Ein sehr guter Artikel in GQ August 2022

Post Malone goes punk in a skirt...
Article in Footwear News, Oct 14, 2020.

The New Fashion Style Beyond Gender

Thom Browne 2018 runway

Vouge Artikel Alle sprechen über geschlechtslose Mode, Mark Bryan lebt sie jeden Tag (auch im Büro)

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MIK/MIS related

10. MIK / MIS related stuff

A man on the cover page of American Vogue.
December 2020. For the first time in 117 years. And then wearing a skirt.

Baron - Mexican skirt brand to defy gender norms

Mexican Men's Skirt Brand Baron Invites Society to 'Take Off Your Machismo' and Defy Gender Norms

Behind the work
‘To wear this, you have to take something off’ About Mexican brand Baron's campain on skirts for men.

The baron website
The BARON skirts - Brave counterculture
The link is also to find on Links Page #2 under Men's skirts.

Breaking Gender Norms: A case for Men in Skirts
An article in The Peoples Network 03 Jan 2004 by Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed, exploring "the persistent gender norms within fashion and the author's endorsement of skirts for men as a step towards gender equality."

Der Kiltrevolutionär entwirft Schottenröcke in Edinburgh

Everybody skirts

FashionTrend: Men in skirts

Faverie: 40+ Types of Skirts for Women and Men – Combinations & Ideas
Eigentlich ein Frauenforum, aber das Thema Mann im Rock wird oft behandelt

GQ-Artikel: it's time to stop skirting the issue
Now is the moment to bare more leg than ever before, says Teo van den Broeke, and he doesn’t mean short shorts...

GQ-Artikel: La gonna è il capo più ricercato dagli uomini
Entrata per la prima volta nella top 10 dei capi e accessori più acquistati e ricercati in Rete secondo Lyst, la gonna da uomo sta (ri)diventando davvero un mai più senza del guardaroba maschile?

The Guardian: I prefer women’s jeans – men’s lack design subtlety’: why men are buying womenswear

Haruco-Vert on Men in Skirts

Homme Urbain: Où trouver une jupe pour homme

How do you feel about men in skirts?

I wear skirts etc. and remain a man

It is sinful for Men to wear kilts!

I't official. Men Are Shopping Skirts More Than Ever Before. Article in Vogue, July 2021

Jaden Smith Wants More Men to Wear Skirts

Kerle, tragt Röcke!
Ein positiver Artikel über Männer im Rock.

Macho Men are Wearing Skirts Now

Men in dresses are the new normal

Men in skirts, women in suits - fashion goes genderqueer

Men's skirts are ready for the mainstream
Trisha Rikhy, Esqire 28.03.2023

Men wear skirts now - get used to it. GQ March 2023.

Myths and Facts of Scotland’s male skirt: The Kilt

Ni arma män, som inte får ha klänning

Outlander: The Worst Thing About Wearing A Kilt, According To Sam Heughan

Pink is for boys - Men in skirts

Many questions regarding men in kilts and skirts, but you must be logged in.

Razones por las que hombre puede usar una falda

Should we rethink men in skirts?

Skirts on menswear? Amsterdam trade fair makes a case in suppport

So you'd never wear a skirt in public? Men you don't know what you are missing.
Article in The Guardian by Phineas Harper. 3rd January 2024.
Phineas Harper is chief executive of the organazations Open City and Open House Worldwide.

Sorry Not Sorry, but Fashion Won't Be Truly Genderless Until More Men Wear Skirts

Time to drop the taboo around men's skirts
The Guardian, January 12, 2024

Vocast: Gender-fluid fashion is not a trend, it’s a reality

What stops men from wearing skirts? Everybody skirts

What will it take for more men to wear skirts?

Why are men in skirts still stigmatized: A journey to the origins of a misogynisyc prejudice"
By Ianko Lôpez, El Pais, July 10, 2023

Why don't more men wear skirts?

Why men should wear skirts

Why we should allow all boys to wear skirts to school


Wikipedia - Kilts

Window cleaners in Kilts

Window cleaners in kilts - a window cleaning company, where the employees work in kilts. Video.

YES - Men in Skirts and Dresses, Vouge.

Untenrum offen
Wenn ein Mann einen Rock trägt, wundern sich viele. Dabei hat es eine lange Tradition. Ein Artikel von Nils Pickert.

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