Adidas Gender neutral Skirt


Adidas Gender neutral skirt

The skirt

In October, 2022 Adidas wolrdwide launched a gender neutral or unisex skirt within a series of clothing, called Unifite. Among other items it also comprised a dress. The skirt, namerd ADICOLOR CONTEMPO TAILORED SKIRT (GENDER NEUTRAL), came in two colours, black and 'almost blue´. Sizes from 2XS to 2XL, where already size XL would fit rather big sized men, indicated that Adidas really had thought of men in skirts. Also, on the Adidas websites the skrt was modelled by a man and a woman.

The skirt

A short wrap skirt. On the right half it has deep pleats, on the left it is flat. On both sides there are deep slide pockets. The low weight, combined with the big width of the skirt, makes it extremely comfortable.

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The basic design is a that of a kilt, you might say. Wrap around, 2-3 yards of fabric (which is considerably more than you find on a typical women's skirt), and adjustable at the waist by 2 inches. It is shorter than a kilt, but without being extremely short.

HE can wear this skirt, as can SHE. However, by April 2023 the skirt is no longer to buy on any market. Dissapeared has alse the Unifite concept.